16 Reasons You Should Date A Guy Who Grew Up With All Sisters


1.  It’s instinctual for him to look at you as a confidant, a sounding board, and his best friend. He’s been doing that with women his entire life.

2. He doesn’t think you’re ‘crazy’ for getting emotional about something. On the contrary, he probably feels totally capable of having a conversation with you while you’re upset or worked up.

3. He understands that females are human beings, not unicorns.

4. Meaning that from a very young age, he has been around women who burp, who poop, who wake up in the morning with messy hair and tired eyes. He has always grown up seeing women in their most natural states, and doesn’t expect to date someone who is magically immune from bodily functions or from looking less than perfect.

5. He’s a good listener. Studies have shown that men who grow up with sisters actually are better at carrying conversations with women in comparison to men who grew up without sisters.

6. He doesn’t whine or get irritated when you take longer than him to get ready. He learned at an early age that it’s pretty damn difficult for a girl to take a shower in five minutes, and after spending years being around his sisters while they were getting ready, he has a pretty good appreciation for what you have to go through.

7. Your success doesn’t freak him out. Having grown up in a family where all his closest peers were females, he saw his sisters’ achievements and accomplishments as being no different from his own, and he still looks at it that way.

8. Chances are that he saw one (or more) of his sisters go through a lot of heartbreak growing up, so he’s extremely cognizant of the way he treats women – when he’s both in a relationship and when he’s just casually dating.

9. He’s indifferent to the word ‘tampon’ and can hear you say it without flinching.

10. He probably still loves sports, but he’s also just as likely to want to join in on your Monday night screenings of The Bachelor.

11. He’s got plenty of sources of advice (read: sisters who are available at the touch of a button) when it comes to dating and being a good partner.

12. He understands that the way women behave on their periods often gets stereotyped and exaggerated.

13. …But he also knows exactly when to stay the hell away from you.

14. He’s totally comfortable working with women in a professional setting, and doesn’t feel the need to make a big, unnecessary deal about it.

15. He doesn’t assume you’ll be full after two spoonfuls of food. On the contrary, he’s probably seen each of his sisters individually throw back half a pizza without breaking a sweat.

16. He’s protective, in a good way. His instinct is to look out for you, but not to the point where he’s convinced that he needs to step in every time you experience any hint of adversity. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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