16 People On The Thing They Envy Most About Other People’s Relationships


1. “Anytime I see a couple on public transportation who you can tell are just so happy to be together, like just laughing and smiling and stuff, that’s what I want most of all. And I’m not talking about the gross, PDA couples who slobber all over each other. I think it says so much more when you see a couple of people just being silly together and enjoying each other.”

–Grady, 28

2. “My best friend and her boyfriend have the healthiest arguments I’ve ever seen. They can always tell when one of them is mad about something and they hash it out (barely ever yelling) and it’s not 100% fixed or perfect at the end but you just can tell they work through everything in such a smart and healthy way.”

–Cass, 25

3. “Couples who get to live in the same damn city. I’ve been in a long-distance relationship for three years and it blows.”

–Russell, 27

4. “My girlfriend and I have completely different interests. So I’m always jealous of the couples who do very specific things or hobbies together. Even if it’s like ComicCon or something. I would love to share something together that we’re both totally obsessed with.”

–Andre, 29

5. “Couples who travel together, especially to unique places. My husband and I rarely ever find the time to do that.”

–Karla, 31

6. “I just want to be with someone who I know gets me, without me ever needing to explain myself. Like they just understand. And so my friends who are in relationships like that, where they can read each other so well and talk so easily – that’s what I’m the most envious of.”

–Celia, 25

7. “The couples who just seem so sure of each other, just so certain that they should be together.”

–Elaine, 24

8. “I’m most jealous of couples whose lives still stay very independent and individualistic even when they’re all wrapped up in each other. My past couple of relationships, I’ve always ended up falling off the face of the earth and holing up with my girlfriend and so when couples can stay close but also have their own lives, I’m always super jealous.”

–Marc, 28

9. “I want the kind of relationship where everybody hangs out with everybody and all your friends become each others’ friends. Like a How I Met Your Mother kind of thing.”

–Jaime, 23

10. “Mutual trust.”

–Les, 26

11. “Every time I go to a wedding there’s always a guarantee that there will be the one couple who tears it up on the dance floor all night and you can tell they are having a complete blast together. That’s definitely the first thing that comes to mind for me. I want that.”

–Pat, 27

12. “Laughter. The couple that is laughing is always the happiest couple.”

–Jackie, 24

13. “There are certain relationships where you can absolutely sense the people’s chemistry radiating off of each other. I’ve never experienced that with anyone, even the girls I’ve really liked. But I really want to.”

–Drew, 26

 14. “Couples who know all of each other’s favorite drinks and foods and snacks and stuff. It’s a small thing but I think it shows such a sweet intimacy.”

–Natasha, 30

15. “Relationships where they work out together and go on runs together and stuff. It’s almost like I know I’ll never do that or want to do that, but I am jealous of other couples who do it.”

–Shannon, 25

16. “The couples who look like they’re actually having fun together when they go grocery shopping. Me and my girlfriend just get super cranky and tired when we have to do it together. And somehow it seems to take longer if we do it together.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

–Chase, 28

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