Date The Person Who’s Curious About Everything

Joel Sossa
Joel Sossa

Date the person who never stops asking questions. Someone whose thirst for understanding life is so relentless that your home is filled with books and your conversations are filled with ideas that would have never come to fruition in your mind otherwise.

Date the person whose contagious curiosity makes you want more for yourself, more for your everyday life. More challenge, more adventure, more growth, and even more fear, because fear is not always bad. Fear makes us understand ourselves in a way that comfort never could.

Date someone with whom conversations never run dry. The person who makes you want to put your phone away while you’re together, not just because it’s the right and polite thing to do, but because what is happening and occurring between the two of you in this moment is so much more interesting and more thrilling than Instagram or Facebook will ever be.

Date someone who never stops asking you questions, because they realize that you have just as much goodness and knowledge to share as the next person, or the book that’s sitting in their lap.

Date the person who reminds you how important it is to be excited about things outside of your relationship. Who reminds you that while the love between you two is more precious than most things, a joyful life still requires you to get to know yourself and explore your world outside of them.

Date somebody who makes you feel like a life with them will never repeat the same day twice. Someone who can experience as much adventure having a heartfelt conversation with you as they could by jumping out of a plane that’s ten thousand feet in the air.

Date the person who attracts you with their mind even more so than the physical chemistry you feel between you.

Date the person who will be just as attractive to you at seventy-two-years-old as they are right now, in their peak physical beauty.

Date the person who makes you feel beautiful too. Not (just) for the way you look but more so because of the way you think, the way you make them think, and the realizations you’ve come to by being and sharing together.

Date the person who ignites within you something you haven’t felt for a very long time. Unquenchable curiosity, a greater thirst for knowledge, and above all, the intense intimacy that comes with opening up your most guarded thoughts to another. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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