To All The Broken Ones, This Is What I Wish For You When You Find Love

I hope you find the one who makes you feel home, whether you’re laying right next to them or just thinking of them from a thousand miles away. I hope that their voice spreads a tingling warmth throughout your body, that even the sound alone has the power to make you feel safe and peaceful.

I hope you feel an intense joy explode throughout your body just from feeling them breathe in and out, from knowing that you’re close enough to feel their chest rise and fall and that at least in this moment, they are very much alive. I hope that the knowledge of their health and safety and proximity to you brings you a gratitude stronger than anything you’ve felt before.

I hope that they make you feel whole again. Not because it is their job to fix you or that you are incapable of saving yourself, but because it’s just easier for you to put the broken pieces of yourself back together when you have someone standing by your side, handing you super glue or encouraging words when you need them.

I hope that they love you all the more for your jaded edges, that they want to know how you got each little cut and bruise so that they can ensure your story is no longer being carried on your shoulders alone.

I hope you find someone who finally makes you feel like you don’t have to pretend. Someone who loves you for your bright spots but is just as happy to be with you on the dark days. And I hope you find someone who shares their dark days with you too, so you can understand how easy it is to still love someone despite their so-called imperfections, so that you can see how quickly you look past these bumps and love them even more for sharing them. And that hopefully, after doing that, you’ll be able to process the fact that they feel the same way about you.

I hope you find someone who makes you feel a connection stronger than you’ve ever felt with any other human being in your life, even when you haven’t spoken a single word to one another. I hope you find someone who, from a single glance or a touch of the hand, conveys to you that you truly are the opposite of alone.

I hope you find the one who makes you feel like a thousand pounds have been lifted off your chest, even when they haven’t fixed your actual problem at hand. The one who makes you feel better simply for knowing that there is someone out there who hears what you’re going through and understands what’s keeping you up at night. Someone who, although they can’t shelter you from your problems, can at least make you feel like you have the support to get through them on your own.

I hope you find someone who makes you laugh again, who reminds you that humor can still twinkle lightly even in the heaviest of moments.

I hope you find someone who opens your eyes to the stories happening all around you, who shows you that you are not the only one who feels like they’re barely keeping their head above water.

I hope you find someone who listens instead of just hearing, who looks you in the eye, who does what they promise they’re going to do, who tells you the truth instead of telling you what is easy, who carries you during your rough patches and knows you’re just as capable of taking care of them. Someone who tells you it’s okay to be sad but doesn’t give up until they’ve made you smile, who expects the best out of you because they’ve seen what you’re capable of, who turns to you for advice and gives you their own when you need it, who always makes you feel like you have a partner, no matter what.

And most of all, I hope you find someone who is just as broken as you, so that they can help you understand just how easy you are to love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I’m a staff writer for Thought Catalog. I like comedy and improv. I live in Chicago. My Uber rating is just okay.

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