30 Silly, Little Things In Your Relationship That Prove You’ve Found Your Person

Leo Hidalgo
Leo Hidalgo

1. Laughing just because they’re laughing.

2. Suddenly having fun running errands or doing chores, just because you get to do it together.

3. When one of you fights sleep just to keep the other company.

4. Loving the small, random things about them, like their hands or the way they run or how they pronounce a certain word.

5. When they get up to shower before you so you have an “excuse” to stay in bed a little longer.

6. Late night car rides.

7. And late night car talks.

8. Having a never-ending amount of inside jokes.

9. Watching them interact with kids and falling in love even harder.

10. Being able to vent about people in a safe place, without feeling like you’re gossiping.

11. Taking a nap on the couch while they’re doing work beside you.

12. And just having someone who’s always down to take a nap with you, too.

13. When they remember something you said you liked – a beer, a movie, a type of flower – and they surprise you with it.

14. Being punch-drunk together when you’re both really exhausted.

15. Surprise little handwritten notes that make your entire day.

16. The first big laugh you share after an argument.

17. Having a restaurant or bar that you always go to together.

18. Compliments for no reason.

19. Getting a “thank you” for something you thought they hadn’t even noticed.

20. Always having a travel buddy.

21. Nesting on the couch on a Saturday morning.

22. Never feeling like you’re boring them when you talk about your passions.

23. When they tell you “it’ll be okay” and you know you can trust them.

24. Receiving an encouraging text when they know you have a big day at work.

25. Accidentally spending an hour watching YouTube videos together.

26. Tagging each other in funny Instagram posts.

27. Inconspicuous hand-holding in a public place.

28. Learning new things from them.

29. Staying in together on a weekend night.

30. Knowing that you’ll stick together, no matter what. TC mark

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Trace the scars life has left you. It will remind you that at one point, you fought for something. You believed.

“You are the only person who gets to decide if you are happy or not—do not put your happiness into the hands of other people. Do not make it contingent on their acceptance of you or their feelings for you. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if someone dislikes you or if someone doesn’t want to be with you. All that matters is that you are happy with the person you are becoming. All that matters is that you like yourself, that you are proud of what you are putting out into the world. You are in charge of your joy, of your worth. You get to be your own validation. Please don’t ever forget that.” — Bianca Sparacino

Excerpted from The Strength In Our Scars by Bianca Sparacino.

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