16 Things You Should Finally Learn To Let Go Of In Your Mid-Twenties



The idea that there is just one perfect person out there who exists solely to be with you, instead of several potential partners you could possibly make a life with.


The urge to apologize for things you know you don’t need to apologize for.


The belief that finding a career where you can ‘do what you love’ means that you won’t ever have to do any hard work.


The way of thinking we’ve all grown accustomed to in which we are convinced that we can find out everything we’ll ever need to know about someone simply by using the phone in our hands.


The idea that a fun, relaxing weekend always needs to include a ton of social activities with every single person you know.


The desire to compete with everyone around you for the ‘ideal life’ instead of simply focusing on yourself and what it is that would truly make you happy.


The instinctive tendency to hold yourself back or play aloof when you finally meet someone you like, because you’ve been told that these games are what is ‘normal’ in the dating world.


The belief that hard work alone makes you deserving of any raise, promotion, or job that you want.


The belief that you need to explain yourself and your life choices to every single person that questions you or doubts you.


The idea that saying ‘thank you’ is a waste of time.


The (typically subconscious) belief that you should only be kind to someone if it will benefit you in some way.


The rationalizations you’ve made with yourself over how your body will always be able to bounce back from repeated poor behaviors like over-drinking and unhealthy eating.


The belief that if a friendship naturally fizzles out, it automatically means that you’re a bad person or friend.


The idea that you’ll always be capable of changing anyone and everyone for the better.


The belief that the things happening in the worlds far away from yours are not your responsibility.


The idea that it’s always too late for a newly discovered dream. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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