17 Reasons You Should Date A Woman Who Lives In Complete Chaos

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1. Because although you will start to experience more pandemonium in your daily existence, thanks to her last-second plans and her running-ten-minutes-late mornings, your life will certainly never be boring.

2. You will spend each day with her never knowing what’s going to happen next. Some days she’s going to want you to spend all day with her in her messy apartment watching Jessica Jones, and other days she’s going to hop up at the last minute and ask you if you want to go to Monday night karaoke.

3. Even something as mundane as grocery shopping will be an adventure, because in her world, there’s no such thing as a shopping list. She’s more of a let’s walk by all the shelves and just get everything that looks good kind of girl. Which is why some weeks you’ll buy ingredients to make a delicious three-course meal, and other weeks you’re leaving the store with cotton candy flavored ice cream and a box of Gushers.

4. Because no matter how crazy things get, she knows how to control the chaos – she prefers to think of her life as an organized system of disorganization.

5. Her home and her purse are basically like a Walgreens. She almost always has anything and everything you could possibly need – cold medicine, chapstick, a pen, a phone charger. It’s just gonna take her a minute to “locate” it.

6. She can be flexible with plans, with mood swings, with bad news, with whatever comes your way. She’s used to constantly adapting and readapting to whatever is thrown at her, so when you’re in a stressful situation, she’s an ideal partner to have standing by your side.

7. Because in a life where everything is all over the place all the time, she’s learned to steer using her intuition, and you can never underestimate the benefits of dating someone with a strong intuition.

8. She’s well aware that her lifestyle can be frustrating sometimes. She knows that the clothes strewn all over her bedroom floor and the last-minute gift she needs to get for her friend’s wedding shower and her Friday night plans changing three times would drive anyone up a wall. So she tries to come at it all with a sense of humor and an apologetic understanding of why you’re annoyed.

9. She’ll make your Sunday nights a hell of a lot less depressing. Overwhelming line at Trader Joe’s? She’ll encourage you to pass the time by people-watching with her. Dreading your early-morning meeting? How about a Netflix marathon of The Office to take your mind off of it? Routines are her worst nightmare, so you’ll likely be doing something different every Sunday night that will help you forget, at least temporarily, that Monday is fast approaching.

10. Despite the constant atmosphere of disorder around her, she’s an energetic but simultaneously calm presence. Probably because she’s a walking mess and knows how to handle it.

11. She can get ready in less than ten minutes if need be.

12. She has a solid understanding of her priorities. She’d love to be more stable, organized, and prepared, and she’s always working towards getting better about her chaotic lifestyle. But if there’s a choice between cleaning out her closet or spending the evening with family, she’s going to choose the latter. Not to say that structured people are in any way materialistic – just that the reason she is the way she is is for a good reason.

13. Minor problems or changes in plans don’t upset her. On the contrary, that’s pretty much the story of her life.

14. She’s almost always full of energy. Nothing excites her more than spur-of-the-moment plans, aimless walks, running errands, or doing something out of her ordinary routine.

15. She’s extremely motivated. She’s used to having to make things work her own way and is always willing to go the extra mile to do so.

16. It’s easy for her to determine what’s relevant and irrelevant, and she won’t let petty things affect her when she’s making important decisions.

17. She’s not going to ask you to change. She knows better than anyone that everyone has their own way of doing things. So even if you’re overly neat or methodical or particular about the way you live your life, it won’t interfere with her feelings for you. She’ll just work around it, and she’ll expect you to do the same for her, because that’s who she is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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