16 People On The ‘Nerdiest’ Thing They Were Ever Attracted To In Another Person


1. “Him and his brother went to every single Harry Potter movie midnight premiere together, like every single one. Even if they were living in different cities during the release date, one of them would travel to the other one so they could see it together. It was one of the strangest, sweetest things I’ve ever seen.”

–Mara, 27

2. “Every six months she loves to clean out her room. She sets a day for it like a month ahead of time and calls it Purge Day and gets organizing bins and cleaning supplies and makes a playlist and tells me I have to sleep at my own place. But sometimes I’ll show up midday with a coffee because I want an excuse to see her when she’s all energized and happy and excited.”

–Shawn, 25

3. “My boyfriend spends hours and hours and HOURS of time doing research for his bracket before March Madness. He loves basketball, but I honestly think it’s the preparation and strategy and research aspects of putting his bracket together that he enjoys the most. It’s weirdly adorable.”

–Elise, 28

4. “One time a guy sitting across from me on the bus spent the whole commute reading Bossypants by Tina Fey and just kept dying laughing and was obviously thoroughly enjoying himself as if he totally forgot anyone was there. He was practically snorting he was laughing so hard. And he just didn’t give a shit. I almost gave him my number when I got off at my stop but I chickened out.”

–Siobhan, 24

5. “He still has all his Pokemon cards in protective sleeves and something about that is adorable to me.”

–Joan, 29

6. “She runs a Lord of the Rings trivia in a bar right by our place once a month and I absolutely love watching her up there. She’s so funny and everyone packs the house and it’s just a great night every time.”

–Mason, 27

7. “She’s in school for aerospace engineering. It’s not even nerdy it’s just AWESOME.”

–Francis, 29

8. “I brought a date home and he told me he could take apart my computer and reassemble it and that did it for me, strangely enough.”

–Julia, 28

9. “Being passionate about a typically geeky topic is a huge turn on. Like just hearing someone spill their heart out about biological chemistry, or their favorite book, is super cute — even if I’m not personally interested.”

–Carl, 23

10. “My husband and I once had an hour long discussion on the psychology of fear regarding an episode of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer.’ And I loved every second of it.”

–Jamie, 30

11. “My boyfriend still occasionally sleeps with his teddybear, Softy. He did two tours in Iraq and brought that bear both times. Srsly. And when he was on Jeopardy that was the story Alex Trebek brought up to discuss during the “get to know the contestants” segment. So telling it here isn’t selling him out.”

–Colleen, 30

12. “My girlfriend recently told me that she started a Harry Potter fan club in high school and I thought it was the cutest thing I had ever heard.”

–Jacob, 31

13. “I once went on a date with a guy where he talked about what he does (chemical engineer) and I was actually really interested in hearing about it so I asked a bunch of questions and he was going on and on about it, talking really fast and very clearly passionate about it. Going into all these detail. And then I think he realized it halfway through and got all embarrassed, but it actually made me like him so much more.”

–Claire, 31

14. “She’s super into politics (not in an obnoxious way… just like, she’s fascinated by it) so every time there’s a debate she gets wine and popcorn and prepares for it the way my ex-girlfriend used to prepare for The Bachelor.

–Marc, 28

15. “He makes a to-do list every night before he goes to bed, in very neat handwriting, always organized from most important to least important task. I think he actually looks forward to making it, and it’s kind of endearing.”

–Trevor, 32

16. “I love when guys have a super self-depricating humor where they basically just spend all day making fun of themselves and laughing at themselves, but you can tell they’re still very comfortable with who they are. It’s not ‘nerdy’ technically, but it’s so much more attractive than a guy walking around thinking he’s the shit.”

–Dana, 23 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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