12 Signs You’re On The Right Path In Your Life (Even If You Feel Totally Insecure)


1. You’re constantly second-guessing yourself. Because instead of choosing the comfortable, straight route, you went with your instincts. You chose the haphazard, difficult-to-navigate route, because you’ve come to terms with the fact that no existence that is worthwhile to you and what you want is going to be easy.

2. You feel afraid more often than you feel comfortable. You are frequently feeling nervous and intimidated, because you’re constantly putting yourself into new situations and unfamiliar territories. But although it may feel extremely uncomfortable, forcing yourself to step out of your comfort zone and explore things outside of your normal orbit is the best thing you can do for yourself. It is launching you so much further in the direction you want to go than you ever would get by staying comfortable.

3. You find yourself thinking a lot less about the past and a lot more about the future. Once in a while you’ll look through old pictures tagged on Facebook or scroll through old text messages to reminisce about another time in your life. But you’re so fascinated by what the future holds for you that it’s so much more exciting to work towards something, rather than retreat back.

4. Underneath your anxiety and uncertainty about where your life is going, you can detect traces of peace and contentment. Despite the fact that you’re probably stressed as hell and unable to fully articulate where you see yourself in five or ten years, you still feel a sense of tranquility under all of the crazy in your life, because although you’re unsure of your ultimate destination, you’re happy and excited about the actual direction you are traveling.

5. Some of your friendships are fizzling out, and not in a bad or malicious way. While some of your friendships will last seemingly forever, others are staying in the past. No fights, no hard feelings, no disloyalty involved. But you’re a different person than you were five or two or even one year ago, and when that change happens, two souls often sense that it’s time to let go and move on.

6. While other friendships are blooming, particularly with people you would have never interacted with five years ago. You’re gravitating towards people who can teach you, expand your world view, or simply bring you joy from an angle you hadn’t experienced before.

7. Much of the fear that you are currently experiencing is paired with thrill and exhilaration. Regardless of how scared and uneasy you feel a lot of the time, it’s almost always paired with the excitement and anticipation that comes with doing something unfamiliar.

8. You feel physically exhausted but mentally satisfied. Getting up early, staying up late, trying new things, meeting new people, going from commitment to commitment. Even though you’re a bit overwhelmed and overstimulated, you feel a deep sense of satisfaction with everything you’re experiencing.  

9. You’re consistently fighting feelings of inadequacy. Often you’re working to combat the feeling that you’re not good enough for your current job and/or other situations you’re involved in. It’s not a pleasant thing to go through, but it’s a confirmation that you’re forcing yourself to go after what you want, no matter intimidating or challenging it may be.

10. You’re asking a lot of questions. Which means you’re aware of the fact that you don’t know everything, that you never will, and that you’re always open to learning.

11. Your dreams are often extremely vivid and intense. You have a lot to process when you go to sleep each night, because so many changes (both good and bad) are happening in your life, all at once. And most people will tell you: that’s almost always better than stagnation.

12. You’ve noticed that your way of thinking has changed, even if only slightly. You watch the way certain people react to certain situations and can’t help but reflect on the fact that that’s how the you from three years ago probably would have reacted. You’re changing, your soul is changing. And although it’s a weird feeling, it’s probably a good one too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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