22 Tiny Things You Should Do For Yourself Every Single Day

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1. Wake up remembering that it’s a fresh start. Don’t let yesterday’s trivial frustrations ruin today before it’s even began.

2. Make the first thing that you put into your body something good for you – fruits, vegetables, eggs, nuts. The better you feel when you start your day, the more likely you are to make better choices throughout the rest of it.

3. Take a walk, even if it’s just for ten minutes. Give your mind and your body time to breathe.

4. If a task can be completed in a minute or less, don’t put it off, just get it done right now. Even if you do this ten times in a day, it totals up to just ten minutes – saving you from unnecessarily adding a bunch of tasks to your never-ending to-do list.

5. Wherever you go, always bring a sweater.

6. Remind yourself that the habits you maintain every day matter so much more than the things you do every once in a while.

7. Always put your clothes away.

8. Be nice to everyone, even if they aren’t nice to you. It’ll prevent you from picking up their negativity and carrying it with you.

9. Peel your gaze away from the computer screen every twenty minutes to give your eyes a rest. Force yourself to focus on another object for twenty seconds, and then you can get back to work.

10. Keep a bathrobe on the back of your door that you can always throw on when you first hop out of bed. It will always make your morning just a little bit more pleasant.

11. Wear moisturizer that contains SPF.

12. Take a nap if you can, but keep it under thirty minutes.

13. And if you’re really, really tired, drink a cup of coffee, tea, or soda before you rest. It takes caffeine about twenty minutes to kick in, so by the time you wake up from your cat nap, you’ll be feeling super refreshed.

14. Don’t procrastinate answering emails – just get them over with and do your best to always be working back to an empty inbox.

15. But don’t answer work emails after seven at night if it’s not an emergency. People survived up until the last fifteen years without email; your coworkers will be fine for twelve hours.

16. Practice mindfulness with others; when having a conversation, be fully present in what the other person is staying, instead of planning what you are going to say next.

17. Keep your alarm on your desk, your dresser, or some other place that will force you to get out of bed in the morning to turn it off. It’ll help you from unintentionally hitting ‘snooze’ six times in your semi-conscious state.

18. Send a text message to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while and tell them you miss them.

19. Remind yourself that your body is not something for you or others to judge – it’s a vessel that allows you to explore the world, communicate with others, try new things, and experience new feelings.

20. Read one chapter of a book. You’ll most likely be finished within a month.

21. Straighten up your living area (even just a little) before you go to bed. It’s so much nicer to wake up to a clean, peaceful space than a hectic one.

22. Laugh. Nothing makes the body feel better than true, genuine laughter. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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