15 Surefire Ways To Make Your Morning Suck A Little Less


1. Stand up out of bed the minute your alarm goes off. Forcing your mind to wake up for at least ten seconds will give you more clarity, and will keep you from hitting the snooze button multiple times without even meaning to.

2. Straighten up your living area the night before you go to bed. Even if it’s just about folding blankets and putting a couple dishes in the dishwasher, your morning will feel so much more serene.

3. Make your bed. Every day. The routine of it will give you a sense of comfort, and walking into a room with a nicely-made bed can make a surprisingly large difference in your sense of calm and order.

4. Have something you look forward to doing at the start of every morning – a mindless tv show you put on while you get ready, a favorite coffee mug that you use, or even just a robe you can slip on to combat the morning chill.

5. Listen to audiobooks on your way to work so that your commute becomes something you’re excited about instead of something you dread.

6. Pick out your outfit the night before. The less you have to think about when you wake up, the better. Plus, heading out the door feeling confident about what you’re wearing is a great feeling.

7. Follow some funny Instagram accounts that will make you laugh while you’re still half-awake and punch-drunk. Laughing stupidly right when you wake up can add such a powerful amount of positivity to your day.

8. Eat breakfast! If you’re a mess in the morning, just find something you can eat fast and on the go, even if it’s just a banana.

9. Get a coffee machine with a timer on it, so that you can wake up every morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. And then pretend that an English butler prepared it for you. Thank you, Winston.

10. Download an app on your phone that tracks your sleeping patterns; it will allow you to schedule your alarm to go off only after you’ve completed a REM sleep cycle. It makes waking up a hell of a lot easier, and less traumatizing.

11. Create a clear and simple to-do list for everything that needs to get done today. That way you’ll feel less frazzled, and you’ll have the oddly satisfying reward of getting to cross everything off at the end of the night.

12. Designate one day of the week as the day where you pick up a breakfast treat in the morning – donuts, bagels, a McMuffin, whatever will make you most excited to get out of bed. Be sure to choose the day that you typically have the hardest time with. It will make it at least a tiny bit better.

13. Go for a jog, or get exercise of any kind. I’m personally more of a “walker” but you do you, man.

14. Wake up ten minutes earlier than you usually do. Ten more minutes of sleep is not going to make you any less tired, but waking up ten minutes earlier will make you feel much more organized, relaxed, and in control at the start of your day.

15. Always be looking around for things to feel thankful for. When you walk through your day with an attitude of gratitude instead of pessimism, it will change your entire outlook on life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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