10 People On The Sweetest Thing Their Significant Other Ever Did For Them


1. “When I was little I used to wear this Ninja Turtles hat every day that I absolutely loved. And she always cracked up when she saw pictures of me as a kid because I was always wearing it. So one random day I came home from work and there was a Ninja Turtles hat sitting on my bed, super similar to the one I had as a kid, that she found on eBay. It was so cool.”

-Charlie, 30

2. “I’m really into environmental work – it’s not my career but it’s a huge side hobby for me, such a strong part of my life that I don’t even know if I’d consider it just a ‘hobby.’ Anyway, one day he asked me to grab something out of his work bag when we were in the car together and I accidentally pulled out a book too on environmental science. I asked him about it, and apparently he’d been secretly reading a ton of books on the subject for months because he knew it was important to me and he wanted to know more about it.”

-Elizabeth, 26

3. “Work sent me overseas for a three-month assignment that I was really excited but really stressed about. Not only was she incredibly supportive and encouraging, but she took in my cat Morris, even though she hates cats, until I got back. My parents couldn’t take him and none of my friends wanted to, so otherwise I would have had to give him up for adoption which would have killed me. I somehow now love her even more than I already did.”

-Gary, 28

4. “In the months leading up to my 30th birthday (apparently she worked on this gift for months) my girlfriend bought a Moleskin notebook and started passing it around to my various friends and family and had them all write notes to me about what they loved about me, our best memories, my best qualities, their hopes for me for the future, etc. She mailed it to family members from out of town, had people fill it out in secret at social functions. It took a TON of work. And then when she gave me to me I obviously cried for like an hour before I could even read it. It is my favorite possession in the whole world.”

-Ana, 32

5. “I started a high-stress job a couple months ago (12-hour days, working on weekends, etc) and have been completely exhausted, especially in the mornings. So one day, he got up ten minutes before me to make the coffee even though normally he sleeps in an hour later than me. And he’s gotten up every day since to do it. So now I have someone to keep me company in the morning, and just waking up to fresh coffee and feeling like someone is thinking about me and worried about me makes me feel so loved.”

-Claire, 29

6. “I took a standup class, just for fun. And at the end of the term our whole class did this showcase where we each performed 5 minutes. She told me she was gonna bring a couple friends, and ended up showing up with like 30 people, my friends, family, coworkers, everybody. She had made a secret event on Facebook and invited a ton of people – it put me in the best mood and I felt super confident and then did great in my set.”

-Barry, 25

7. “Last October he told me not to make any plans for this one Friday night, didn’t tell me where we were going. We drive thirty-five minutes and show up at this awesome haunted house. The week before, I had told him how I really missed my childhood Halloweens and how haunted houses were something my siblings and I would always go to with my parents. It was AWESOME.”

-Kayla, 24

8. “I had been complaining a lot about being tired lately so one morning after he slept over I woke up (after he had left really early) and there was a new bottle of Vitamin B12 on my nightstand with a note. It wasn’t the sweetest thing he ever did but it was such a small, considerate thing to do that it makes me smile every time I think about it.”

-Aaron, 28

9. “I’m a super creative person but am really low on money right now from student loans, car payments, etc. So I’m working a boring admin job, just for now, to pay the bills. And he knew I was getting a little discouraged, so he randomly bought me a gift certificate to Michael’s so I could take classes. So right now I’m in a cake decorating class and a painting/drawing class and it’s added such an awesome positivity to my work weeks.”

-Elise, 23

10. “I proposed to my wife on the beach in this private little area where no one was around and I barely had half the words out before she just tackled me to the ground and kissed me over and over. I don’t know if that counts in this category/question thing but it’s my favorite memory of all time.”

-Jose, 29 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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