25 Clear And Simple Signs You’re In A Relationship That’s Going To Last

Peter Bernik
Peter Bernik

1. When you’ve had a long day, just the sight of them makes you feel instantly calmer.

2. They’re a sounding board for every weird thought, embarrassing fear, ambitious goal, freaky dream, and just about every other notion you’ve ever had.

3. You both know how to admit it when you’re wrong.

4. …even if you really, really, really hate admitting it.

5. You always have a desire to do nice things for one another, just to make one another’s days easier. Things that you don’t even want to do for yourselves – laundry, coffee runs, making them dinner, heating up their car when it’s cold outside. Even if you don’t like doing it, it makes you happy to know that it will make them happy.

6. If you’re busy, they’ll wait until you get home before they watch Game of Thrones or The Daily Show or The Bachelorette (zero judgment) or whatever the hell it is that you two watch together.

7. You argue, or fight. Not every once in a while, but fairly frequently.

8. And at the end of each fight, even if you’ve driven each other up the wall during it, you feel better. You feel at peace. You feel closer, because you know that you have both said your peace and you both understand each other a little bit more.

9. You rarely exhibit passive-aggressiveness towards each other. Because, as stated above, if something’s bothering you, you’re just going to fight through it until you get to where you need to be.

10. When their name pops up on your phone screen, you can’t help but smile.

11. If you go to the bathroom before the waiter comes over, you know that they’ll order you the right drink.

12. When you’re in a social situation together and you’re upset, they can immediately tell – without you even saying anything. And you have the same capability with them.

13. They know when to push you.

14. They know when not to push you.

15. You can support each other and encourage each other to strive for bigger and better things, without ever making each other feel inadequate.

16. They know exactly what to do when you’re cranky. Tea, beer, Oreos, wine, coffee, a walk, Netflix, a candle, a jog, a puppy, candy, a nap. Whatever it is, they’ve learned the perfect formula to help you get back on track.

17. You can quickly recognize when they start telling you a story that you’ve already heard before. But you let them tell it anyways. Because, love and shit.

18. Boring things become fun, as long as you’re doing it with them: long car rides, errands, cleaning, whatever. As long as you’re with them, it’s never too dreadful.

19. Sometimes you become cheesy around them, even if you’re the most unlikely cheeseball in the world. You. Just. Can’t. Help. It.

20. You put a lot more effort into the gifts you give them than you ever have with anybody in the past.

21. The love you feel for them is so strong that it’s occasionally terrifying.

22. You understand the concept of sacrifice more than you ever have before. Not just the dramatic, risk-your-life kind of sacrifice that you see in movies. But the smaller, every day kind. Where you’re willing to give up a small convenience if you know it will make things a little better for them.

23. Long-term commitment might still be a little overwhelming and intimidating to you. But you simultaneously feel a strong, solid peace within yourself, because you know this is right.

24. Their vulnerabilities and weaknesses, rather than turning you off, just make you love them even more.

25. The idea of going through something difficult is still unsettling, but you feel so much more confident about the future when you imagine them standing next to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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