15 Signs You’re The Friend Who “Tells It Like It Is”

Will & Grace
Will & Grace

1. Sometimes you’re so blunt that people actually laugh at whatever you said because they think you can’t possibly be serious. And most of the time, you don’t feel like correcting them and saying, “No, for real, that outfit is heinous.”

2. You feel bad but like, friends don’t let friends wear Crocs.

3. You feel tremendous pressure when you meet one of your friend’s significant others. Because you know that when they ask, “Did you like them?” they’re expecting you to be honest, even if what you have to say is bad.

4. …So if you do get bad vibes from someone’s significant other, it can be awkward at times. But most of the time, it doesn’t work out anyway and your friend ends up thanking you in the long run.

5. When you give one of your friends a compliment, they usually look at you warily and tell you to stop mocking them. And no matter how many times you try to tell them you weren’t being sarcastic, they don’t believe you.

6. Your friends tell you all the time that you’re a horrible person and you’re okay with it. Because you kind of are. But you have good intentions – who else is going to tell your BFF to stop texting with the guy who used a creepy pickup line on them on Tinder?

7. When your friends go shopping together and someone comes out of the dressing room for feedback, you’re the first – and sometimes the only – one they actually listen to.

8. You wish you could include words like direct, straightforward, and will-tell-you-if-you-got-too-drunk-at-the-office-party on your resume and LinkedIn profile.

9. One of your least favorite characteristics in other people is passive-aggressiveness. You are not about that life. If you’ve got a problem with a friend or a roommate or anybody else in your life, you just lay it right out on the table, no holds barred.

10. That way, your friends don’t ever have to wonder if you’re mad or annoyed at them for something. Because if you are, you’ll probably just send them a text that says “I’m mad at you.”

11. Your fake laugh is extremely obvious, and your friends love pointing it out to you after they overhear you talking to someone that you’re not a fan of.

12. Maintaining eye contact with people is one of your favorite things to do ever, especially if it makes them uncomfortable.

13. You never have a problem with your friends being on their phones the whole time at dinner. Because you have no issues telling them to get off their phones and to pay attention to you.

14. Telling it like it is definitely gets you into trouble a lot. But you’d rather be straight up with people as opposed to just becoming a Yes Man.

15. When someone tells you to be nice you’re just like:

Will & Grace
Will & Grace

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