21 Hilariously Honest Anna Kendrick Tweets That Prove She Just *Gets* You

Instagram / AnnaKendrick47
Instagram / AnnaKendrick47

1. When she wasn’t afraid to tell it like it is:

2. When she pointed out some of the annoying stereotypes about Hollywood leading ladies. 

3. When she wasn’t afraid to be self-deprecating.

4. When she was just straight up about exactly what she wants. 

5. When she embraced the fact that her life is a hot mess.

6. When she summed up perfectly what it’s like to have fantasies about yelling at mean people. 

7. When she gave the world this pure piece of poetry.

8. When she confirmed the fact that she’s a #boss.

9. When she understood the main reason why you wanted to watch the Super Bowl. 

 10. When she didn’t apologize for being a dick. 

11. When she said this and it was just so, so truthful.

12. When she told the world how scared and confused she felt about #TheDress.

13. When she gave us this incredible mantra. 

14. When she said what everybody was thinking.

15. Just… this.

16. When she was so right about Jamie Dornan.

17. When she said this and you knew she was your soulmate.

18. When she understood pale girls everywhere. 

19. When she hilariously summed up #loneliness. 

 20. When she understood how annoying it is to waste a good excuse.

21. When she described how you feel about Tim Gunn. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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