17 Early Signs That Your Relationship Is Off To The Right Start

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1. You’ve had multiple mornings already where you’ve had to go into work with three hours of sleep or less, because you stayed up all night talking, laughing, or, in the words of Liz Lemon, having Mommy-Daddy-Sheet-Monster time.

2. And even though you were absolutely exhausted on those mornings, you didn’t care. You wouldn’t have done it any differently. Because the energy and excitement and happiness you feel when you think about them and about the night before is enough to get you through the day.

3. You already feel like you can talk to this person about pretty much anything. And even though you feel completely comfortable in front of them, you still get butterflies in your stomach at the same time.

4. It feels like you’re learning something new about them every day, like they’re always surprising you or revealing another aspect to their personality that you never expected to see. You get the sense that a lifetime with them would never become repetitive or monotonous, and there would always be something new to discover.

5. You’ve already noticed some things about your significant other that bug you or that you’re going to argue about, but you don’t care. You’re willing to accept their flaws along with their bright spots, and you’re willing to compromise on some of the things you don’t agree on, because you have a sense that this person is worth fighting for.

6. And you know you have just as many flaws or issues as they do, if not more. But you also know that they’re just as willing to fight for you as you are for them.

7. You get a genuine, sincere joy out of making them happy or making their life easier. You find yourself trying to think of things you hate having to do, and you try to do those things for your person every once in a while just to make their day a little better. You love picking up coffee for them or making them dinner or buying them a book you think they’d like. You enjoy sending them a “good morning” text and hoping it helps to start their day off on a positive note. You want to do anything you can to make them smile, because nothing makes you happier than seeing them happy.

8. Whenever you receive good news of any sort, they’re the first person you think of and the first person that you want to tell.

9. And on that note, you get just as excited – if not more – about their triumphs and successes and good news as you do about your own.

10. You’ve noticed that it’s been a lot more difficult lately to get you riled or angry or upset. You’ve basically been walking around in a love-induced haze, and even the things that are usually a surefire way to get you upset have barely had an effect on you.

11. You’ve caught yourself multiple times staring at absolutely nothing, while wearing an impossibly large smile on your face.

12. It already feels like you both want to become better people just from being around one another. You inspire each other and admire each other so much that it makes you want to reach further than you ever have before and try things you’ve been too afraid to try in the past.

13. You’re not afraid to fight. Instead of avoiding any sort of confrontation or tension, you guys feel like you can just straight up fight with each other. It’s not pleasant, and you have to talk about things that are uncomfortable, but you always come out on the other side of it feeling better and closer. You’ve figured out how to address issues without getting hurtful or aggressive, and you’ve learned that fighting doesn’t have to be bad, as long as you do it the right way.

14. You feel an inner sense of peace within you about the fact that there’s someone out there who’s on your team. Someone who is looking out for you and believing in you and wanting the best for you. Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to find that with family and friends too, but you’ve noticed that it’s just different with this person. It’s stronger and fiercer and just more.

15. The lighthearted side of your relationship feels effortless. You don’t have to work hard to make each other laugh or to form inside jokes with one another. It just happens naturally, because the two of you already feel like the walls have been torn down and there’s nothing to hide or feel insecure about.

16. You’re never bored with them. You find yourself getting excited to do even the most ordinary things, like running to the pharmacy together, because you love spending time with them and being around them.

17. You feel instantly calm around them. It doesn’t mean you can’t simultaneously feel excited or happy or giddy or aroused or inspired. But beneath all of those feelings is a strong sense of peace, safety, and serenity. The minute they walk into a room, your mind and your body, though probably excited, are also relaxed. Calm. At ease. Because something about them just makes you feel like you can handle anything that comes at you, as long as they’re by your side. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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