27 Guys On The One Personality Trait They Can't Resist In A Girl

27 Guys On The One Personality Trait They Can’t Resist In A Girl

1. I like it when she has really good taste in music, even if it’s different than mine. I just like a girl who’s passionate about music. -Lucas, 22

2. Good artistic abilities. Like she’s got some kind of interesting talent – painting, drawing, singing, writing, playing an instrument, whatever. It makes me want to learn more about her. – Trey, 23

3. A woman who always smiles. There’s nothing more attractive than a woman who’s smiling all the time. – Chase, 30

4. I love it when she’s always really happy to see me. Like when she gives me a big huge or smiles a lot when we see each other. It just makes me even more excited to be around her. – Jackson, 19

5. Somebody who you can talk to really easily. Where you don’t have to try very hard and the conversation just flows really easily and really naturally. It’s nice when a girl’s attractive but if you can’t talk to her you can only go so far. – Liam, 26

6. Boldness. When she’s really confident and fearless when it comes to doing anything. – Nicholas, 26

7. Independence and confidence: she’s not afraid to speak up and share her thoughts. She’ll talk to anyone about anything and she’s very sure of herself in front of other people. – Alex, 25

8. Someone who is open-minded and won’t judge you. I need to be with someone who makes me feel comfortable bringing stuff up to her and doesn’t make me worry about what she’s going to think of me. -William, 26

9. She has to be comfortable enough to let me have my freedom and she’s got to have her own independent life too. I have to know that she trusts me and I don’t have to worry about her ever freaking out about me having my own friends and my own social life. -Kevin, 22

10. Honesty. There’s nothing I admire more in a woman than honesty and the ability to be truthful and open with me. -Daniel, 28

11. Being good with kids. I want to have a family and I want to know that she’s nurturing and would be a good mother. – Logan, 29

12. She can easily befriend anyone and literally have a conversation with anybody. If I’m going to introduce her to my family or my friends I don’t want to have to worry about her sitting in the corner feeling awkward. I just love a girl who can navigate her way through any social situation. -Connor, 25

13. A girl who doesn’t get jealous easily. We’re both gonna have plenty of friends of the opposite sex and it’s just so much easier to be with someone who isn’t constantly getting jealous and feels confident about our relationship. -Jack, 21

14. When she’s not obsessed with social media and taking pictures every five seconds. There’s nothing more annoying than a girl trying to update her Snapchat story constantly. It’s so much more attractive when a girl can just be in the moment.-Michael, 22

15. Someone who shares my values.-James, 26

16. A girl with an awesome sense of humor and a love of goofing around and being silly. She doesn’t take life too seriously.-Stephen, 24

17. A girl who doesn’t worry constantly about what everybody thinks of her. That’s exhausting.-Mark, 22

18. We’ve got to have chemistry. That doesn’t have to be only physical. Just chemistry in the sense that we can joke around together and have interesting conversations and talk easily together. Something where you just “click” with her.-Anthony, 28

19. Integrity.-Bryce, 31

20. A happy attitude. Someone who can be optimistic.-Chris, 25

21. A girl who takes care of herself, like she exercises and treats her body well. I want to be with someone who’s going to be healthy for the long haul.-Mike, 27

22. A girl who’s comfortable with herself. She likes herself and she’s not trying to be anyone else. Then we can spend less time on me trying to make her feel like she’s good enough and more time enjoying each other.-Dan, 23

23. A girl who doesn’t need to go on fancy dates all the time. Someone who’s comfortable hanging out on the couch and drinking beer.-Blaise, 24

24. A girl who has ambition and doesn’t feel weird about it.-Cory, 28

25. A girl who surprises me, by liking things or doing things that I wouldn’t expect from her. And when she does something sweet to surprise me, like showing up with my favorite beer when she comes over. -Nate, 26

26. When she has a really cute and infectious laugh. It just makes me laugh too.-Ben, 22

27. When she has a really sweet scent that’s not overwhelming. Not too much perfume or anything. She just has a really fresh, unique scent.-Jim, 21

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