18 Couples On The Silliest Thing They’ve Done That’s Helped Their Relationship

Flickr / GarryKnight
Flickr / GarryKnight

1. Well, I read Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. At the time it seemed like an embarrassing, cliche source for relationship advice, so much that I would be ashamed to read it on the train, or in public, because I was afraid of people seeing me read it (lol). But when I got into it, I felt way more understanding and understood a lot more about the place my boyfriend comes from. I got him to read it and we ended up in a much better place.

-Amanda, 26

2. My girlfriend loves penguins, so I reblog pictures of penguins on my Tumblr account all the time and tag her in them. It’s weird, but we’re in a long-distance relationship and doing little things like that every day makes me feel closer to her, like she’s sitting right next to me.

-Kristen, 29

3. Skype sex when he goes out of town on business trips. It’s kind of weird, and doesn’t make that much sense—because we don’t sleep together so often that we are just going insane with lust when we are away from each other—but there’s something about the novelty of doing it digitally that keeps us really connected. It really reminds me that we love each other and are still the people we want to be screwing, even if we’re not doing it all the time anymore.

-Sydney, 27 

4. Sometimes, when we’re at a party, we do our own version of the Mockingjay hand signal from The Hunger Games across the room to each other. It’s our own “version” because one time he tried to do the real one and got it totally wrong. It’s really random but it’s fun to have inside jokes together that only the two of us know about.

-Melissa, 25 

5. Whenever we’re in a department store, we play hide-and-go-seek. If you can’t act like a kid with your girlfriend, who can you act like a kid with?

-Rob, 26 

6. Sometimes we meow at each other instead of speaking. I think that qualifies as pretty silly.

-Hilary, 19 

7. At work we email instead of staying on Gchat all day. We used to get needlessly frustrated if one of us was “ignoring” the other on Gchat, when we were both actually just busy people with lots of responsibility at our jobs. One day we randomly began emailing each other instead of chatting, in giant email threads that would last hundred of emails. We almost immediately became more chill and removed a senseless element of responsibility from the dynamic we have when we’re away from each other.

-Michael, 24 

8. Whenever he’s about to fart, he makes this face when he’s trying to get it out. But it’s also his way of warning me to either move away from him, or to put the window down if we’re in the car. In a strange way, I guess it’s his way of being a considerate boyfriend.

-Annie, 28 

9. She knows my nap schedule after work, so whenever I get home from work, she’ll purposely wait until after 7:30 before she texts me or calls me to say hello. I like that I don’t have to explain myself or feel guilty for ignoring her calls.

-Matt, 23 

10. When we are with a group of people, he can read my thoughts and know if someone is annoying me, without me even saying anything. We have this special code where he’ll raise his eyebrows, and level out his hand to tell me to calm down without anyone noticing.

-Patricia, 20 

11. I make her bed for her in the morning when she leaves and I’m still sleeping in it. That’s kinda weird. Most guys aren’t that nice right?

-Kory, 25 

12. I play video games with him even when I don’t want to, just so he has someone to play with. I don’t even care what happens – I usually just let my character walk into walls or shoot the ground instead of actually doing anything. I recently let him download Clash of Clans on my iPad, and he thinks I’m the coolest girlfriend ever for pretending to “collect resources and raid other clans.”

-Christine, 22 

13. We’re usually pretty lazy together, especially when it comes to eating. We pretty much eat out every night and only cook like once a week together. Recently we tried to make homemade spring rolls and it turned out so badly that we just ended up eating Doritos in bed afterwards. But it’s nice to not have to try so hard in front of someone.

-Anna, 25 

14. Whenever we’re together, we always over-order or overeat. So we do push-ups before bed together to feel better about ourselves and make ourselves feel less gross about sleeping next to each other. Typically I can only get 7 in a row but I always feel skinnier afterwards. It’s just funny because stuff like that makes me feel closer to him on a weird level.

-Amber, 26 

15. I’ve learned to always have Ramen Noodles at my place, because if she comes home with me after the bar and she’s drunk, she’ll cry if I don’t have any Ramen.

-John, 22 

16. If we go out to a restaurant and the silverware is wrapped in those cheap napkins with the rough fabric, he always unwraps my silverware for me because he knows I have some kind of weird phobia of those napkins. It’s a texture thing I guess. But it’s really sweet that he does it.

-Emily, 22 

17. If we have a really bad fight, we always get fast food together instead of having make-up sex. Usually it’s Chick-fil-A, and it’s always more fun than sex.

-Ann, 28

18. We basically have our own language. Sometimes when I want to say something but I don’t feel like talking, I can look at her and start saying a bunch of gibberish, and she knows exactly what I’m trying to say. I don’t know, I guess it’s nice to know that she understands me even when I’m just being weird. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

-Kevin, 24

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