Icebreaker Questions

50 Icebreaker Questions You Can Ask At A Party That Aren’t “So What Do You Do?”

Time to break the ice and warm up this conversation. Here’s the only list of ice breaker questions you’ll need.

Icebreaker Questions

1. Are you over Mufasa’s death yet? Because I am not.

2. If you had to choose between being Meryl Streep or being happy, what would you choose?

3. So now that 1989 is out and it’s awesome, do you openly admit that Taylor Swift is cool or are you still just a closeted fan?

4. What season of Glee did you get to before you stopped watching?

5. Rank the 6 Friends, in order.

6. When you go to Target, are you capable of spending under $50? If the answer is yes, I don’t trust you.

7. Would you like to share a taxi home at the end of the night, and (this is unrelated) are you an organ donor?

8. So did you have a panic attack when that guy did the tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon or was that just me?

9. Are you Team Aniston or Team Jolie? IT’S STILL RELEVANT IN MY EYES SHUT UP.

10. Will you judge me if I eat this entire family-sized bowl of guacamole?

11. …what about if I eat it alone in the bathroom?

12. Can we talk about the season finale of How I Met Your Mother? Because I’m still not over it and my therapist says I need to discuss it with people I can trust.

13. So did the whole Dumbledore-being-gay thing surprise you? Because that really came out of left field for me. But then I was like… I dunno, I guess I can see it.

14. How many different outfits did you try on tonight before you went back to the one you had on in the first place? For me, it was seven.

15. Did you cry in the episode where Steve Carell left The Office in Season 7? Because if not, we really don’t have anything in common.

16. Do you ever feel like your life is completely opposite of the women in The Real Housewives?

17. Which famous baby would you rather be: North West or Ariana Grande?

18. Do you watch The Bachelor openly in public with friends, or do you watch it alone in your apartment, in the dark, surrounded by your own shame, and then pretend you haven’t seen it when people talk about it at work the next day?

19. Do you mind if we pause this conversation so I can briefly review my pocket copy of “How To Mingle With Others Without Crying?”

20. So… what are your thoughts… on sports?

21. Do you refer to the members of One Direction as “tiny little nuggets” or is that just me?

22. Do you think Adnan is guilty or not? I go back and forth.

23. When you go to brunch, what percentage is about the bacon, what percentage is about the mimosas, and what percentage is about crying and asking your friends to fix your life?

24. What are your thoughts on conscious uncoupling?

25. When you saw Gone Girl were you extremely disturbed or just mildly disturbed?

26. Before we continue having a conversation, can you promise me that you’re not a “fashion blogger”?

27. How much debt do you have on a scale of 1 to Help-Me-I’m-Poor?

28. When you eat an entire pizza, how long does it take before you start to hate yourself?

29. Are you completely freaked out by the idea of Amazon drones or am I alone on that one?

30. Which emoji do you use more – the hands in the air that are basically shouting “Preach honey!” or the bitchy girl in the pink who just doesn’t give a f*ck?

31. What did you Google more in high school: “can you get pregnant from making out” or “can you die from a hangover”?

32. If I bought you a onesie with cats on it, would you wear it?

33. How many times have you thought about the food you’re going to eat when you get home since you arrived here?

34. When you’re pooping do you prefer to scroll through Twitter or Instagram?

35. Do you get creeped out when you see pictures of modern-day Beans from Even Stevens?

36. At the end of this night, do you think we will say Bye or Bye Felicia to each other?

37. When you have a small amount of chips left in a giant bag but you’re not hungry, do you still eat them just to keep things simple?

38. Who do you think pulls off a cuter pixie cut – Miley or J.Biebs?

39. What is your least favorite medieval plague and why?

40. What do you really think was the cause of Miranda’s disappearance in the final Lizzie McGuire episodes?

41. What Hogwarts House would you be in that’s not Gryffindor because if you say Gryffindor you’re automatically a douche bag?

42. How did you react when you found out that Haley Joel Osment and Emily Osment were brother and sister?

43. What are your thoughts on the U.S. sanction of North Korea? Just kidding…. what is your favorite episode of Nail’d It with host Adrienne Bailon?

44. How do you feel about the fact that Macklemore is having a baby?

45. When you talk about kale, do you actually eat it or are you just pretending?

46. When was the last time you soberly had Taco Bell, and why?

47. Have you ever been able to order Fireball without feeling like an asshole?

48. How many times have you opened your fridge and been surprised that nothing new has appeared since the last time you checked the fridge ten minutes beforehand?

49. Do you believe in miracles? Where you from? You sexy thang?

50. Do you have any extra bottles of wine that I could have? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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