45 Pieces Of Advice For Falling In Love This Year

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Flickr / shelbob

1. Do not ask for anyone’s approval or permission.

2. When you realize you’re in love with someone, tell them.

3. Forget about playing games.

4. Ignore the declaration that whoever cares less wins.

5. Find your self-worth on your own. Do not try to get it from someone else because you’re fighting a losing battle.

6. Give everyone you meet a chance.

7. Do not ask for respect. Demand it.

8. If someone is not right for you, end it. Don’t stay with them out of pity.

9. Listen to the advice of your loved ones. But ultimately make all decisions on your own.

10. Be intimate with someone when you’re ready. This will be a different amount of time for every single person.

11. Don’t feel guilty for being happy and in love if your friend is not. Be sensitive, but don’t hide your joy.

12. Never miss an opportunity to tell someone why they make you smile.

13. Compliment them on their physical attributes, but compliment them more on what you love about their personality.

14. Remember that not everyone will have a relationship that’s exactly like yours. Be open-minded.

15. Don’t stay with someone just because you’re afraid of being alone.

16. When your significant other does something that upsets you, tell them. Don’t wait around for them to figure it out on their own.

17. Give your signifiant other gifts that took you more than five seconds to pick out in a store. Make them yourself, or do some research, or just spend some time thinking of something that’s really going to make an impact.

18. Remind your signifiant other of why you’re lucky to have them. It will be a good reminder for you as well.

19. Be as honest and as vulnerable as you possibly can. It’s scary, but it’s worth it.

20. Be awake and present in the small moments. You won’t remember the details, but you’ll remember the way they made you feel.

21. Thank them every single time they’ve done something nice for you. Never stop doing this.

22. Tell them about the songs that make you think of them.

23. Let them see you in your most natural-looking state. You’d be surprised at how intimate this can feel.

24. Tell them they look cute when they sleep, even if they don’t.

25. Take walks together. Talk about nothing important. Just talk.

26. Put your phones on silent when you go out to dinner together.

27. Compare them to know one. Appreciate them and love them for who they are as a unique individual.

28. Expect the best of them, and let them expect the best of you.

29. …but love them in spite of, and because of, their flaws and their weaknesses.

30. Know the exact color of their eyes.

31. Listen to them, instead of just hearing them, when they speak.

32. Share secrets with them. Things you’ve never told anyone else. Even if the secrets are stupid.

33. Tell them when you’re in pain, and let them take care of you.

34. Watch romantic movies, and remind yourself that what you have is better.

35. Watch them sleep, only every once in a while, and for a short amount of time, so that it feels special and not creepy.

36. Take care of yourself so that you’ll be around a long time. Because you want them to do the same.

37. Read books and listen to songs and watch things that will remind you of why you’re so lucky to be in love with them.

38. Don’t try to make your relationship exactly like someone else’s – whether it’s a celebrity couple or your favorite television romance or even just your parents. Love your relationship for all the reasons that make it unique and special and like nothing else you’ve ever seen before.

39. If there’s a dress or a shirt or a pair of pants you wear that you know they love, wear it every once in a while and make them feel like it’s just for them.

40. Let them know how vulnerable and exposed and uncertain they make you feel.

41. Remember, no matter how in love you feel, to maintain a good relationship with yourself too. Exercise, eat well, maintain your friendships, keep up with your hobbies, spend some nights on your own, stick to the things you love while still being open to things they love. Don’t lose yourself in this other person.

42. Spend enough time looking at them that you could describe every detail of their face with your eyes closed.

43. Surprise them. With notes. With a bottle of wine. With a trip. With a phone call in the middle of the day. Surprise them every day.

44. Don’t apologize to anyone for finding happiness with someone.

45. Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks about your relationship. Remember that they’re too busy caring about their own love lives to focus on yours. Just breathe, and let yourself be in love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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