25 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Getting Ready For A Night Out

Keeping Up With the Kardashians
Keeping Up With the Kardashians

1. Showering is exhausting.

2. I’m supposed to be ready in an hour. I definitely have time to watch an episode of something on Netflix.

3. Why does it take my hair so damn long to dry? I think it takes my hair 62% longer than everyone else’s.

4. Should I order a pizza ahead of time so I have something to look forward to all night?

5. I really can’t forget to fill up the Brita. Because last time I woke up hungover and there was no cold water, I’m pretty sure I punched the fridge.

6. Does everybody else’s eyes bug out while they’re putting on mascara or is that just me?

7. I just cleaned my room and I already know I’m about to ruin it again.

8. Not this outfit. Nope, not this. No. No. No. Hate this one. Yikes, why do I still own that one? No. Nope.

9. Time to go raid my roommate’s closet.

10. Why does my roommate have such a better wardrobe than me?

11. This dress will do.

12. JK, I forgot to shave my legs. Hooraaaaaaaay… pants!

13. Hopefully we are taking pictures tonight. Because I don’t want to waste this outfit.

14. Doing my make-up would be much more enjoyable with a vodka tonic. Yes, that is an excellent idea.

15. Tonight I am going to promise myself that I won’t fall anywhere or cry on anybody.

16. I’m already so excited for hungover brunch tomorrow.

17. It’s a lot harder to focus on getting ready when you’re halfway through your homemade vodka tonic.

18. God Bless Spotify and the infinite amount of pregame playlists.

19. Heels? No heels? Boots? Flats? This is one of the most difficult debates I’ve ever been through with myself.

20. Should I wear a coat tonight, or should I drink enough that my body produces a Beer Coat?

21. Ew, beer.

22. I feel like I want to change my outfit eleven more times, but I’m going to run away from that feeling.

23. Once I finish the other half of this vodka tonic I’ll convince myself that this is the greatest outfit I’ve ever worn.

24. After I’ve had a couple drinks, I’m going to cut myself off tonight and drink water.

25. Who am I kidding? Bye. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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