19 Times It’s Okay To Say “I Don’t Know” When You’re In Your Mid-Twenties

For some reason, we keep putting pressure on ourselves to just know everything. We’re supposed to know who we are, what we want, and who we want to be with… before we even turn 25. (I’m not sure whose idea it was to know all of this, but it was a dumb idea. And they are the worst.)

The most beautiful part of being in your mid-twenties is you’re supposed to be confused and you’re not supposed to know what’s going on. You shouldn’t know who you want to be or what you want in life. You’re never going to have all the answers, but at some point, you’ll probably feel more certain about who you are and what you care about. That time is not now, and it’s with good reason. 

Now is the time for you to be confused and unsure and uncertain and broke and uneasy and insecure and hungover and making ends meet. People are going to ask you questions about your life, and you are not going to have an easy, perfect, cookie-cutter answer. This is called “being in your twenties.” This is also called “life.” 

Here are 19 times where people may ask you a question, and you can proudly respond with “I don’t know.” 

1. When someone asks you want you want to do with your life. 

2. When someone asks you what you do now.

3. When someone asks you if “he’s the one”.

4. When someone asks you if you want to get married.

5. When someone asks you if you want to have kids.

6. When someone asks you what your dream job would be.

7. When someone asks you what ISIS stands for… JUST KIDDING it’s not okay to not know the answer to this. Go buy a newspaper (aka sign up for The Skimm) and get your shit together.

8. When someone asks if you’re happy.

9. When someone asks if you’re unhappy.

10. When someone asks if you like Miley Cyrus.

11. When someone asks you if you like yourself.

12. When someone asks you why you’re so stressed out. 

13. When someone asks you how you feel about a sensitive political issue. 

14. When you’re at a restaurant and someone asks you if you’re going to finish that.

15. When someone asks why you’re crying.

16. When someone asks why you watch The Real Housewives. 

17. When someone asks why you majored in the thing that you majored in. 

18. When someone asks you who you want to be like some day. 

19. When someone asks you where you think you’ll be in 5 years. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Lauren Rushing

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