Here Are The 36 Creepiest, Most Disturbing Jobs You Could Think Of


1. Human taxidermist.

2. Sexton.

3. Butcher.

4. Being a housekeeper and cleaning the hotel room whilst the guests stare at you without saying a thing.

5. Handmaid.

6. CTS Decon Technician.

7. Herpetologist.

8. Working in client service for a porn company.

9. Almost any position on Trump’s team – especially for women.

10. Post office clerk.

11. Sound engineer.

12. Septage cleaner.

13. OSHA department representative responsible for inspecting old asylum building’s basements for leaking radon. It’s his second job so it’s a night shift.

14. Crime scene cleaner

15. Pale Man’s butler.

16. Shark feeder.

17. Clinical trial reccuring subject.

18. Mortgage collector.

19.Coffin tester.

20. Chinese factory worker, in a factory for Christmas merchandise.

21. Chicken farm worker who sorts out the female newborn chicken, which then are thrown alive into a grinder.

22. Fashion retail factory worker, in any given third world country.

23. Flayer.

24. High rise window washer.

25. Miner.

26. Rodeo clown.

27. Field epidemiologist.

28. Bomb squad technician.

29. Mortician (or undertaker).

30. Gravedigger.

31. Coroner / morgue attendant.

32. Cryogenic engineer.

33. Embalmer.

34. Haunted House actor.

35. Arachnologist.

36. Snake milker.

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