15 People Describe The Single Most Disturbing Thing They Discovered In Their Significant Other’s House


1. “A travel bag containing lots of expensive jewelry, five smartphones, designer watches and my mom’s wedding ring, the one she was devastated of having lost two months ago.” – Brenda, 32

2. “He was out of town and I wanted to surprise him and reorganise the flat. There was a lot of stuff to go through in the storage room and I was ready to call it a night when I stumbled upon a shoe box covered in old t-shirts. There was a pair of children’s sneakers inside covered in what seemed to be blood. I boiled for 3 days in my own blood, questioning myself whether to call him out on it, call the cops or remove myself from the house. In the end, he confessed the sneakers belonged to his little brother who died in a car crash when he was 5. He never mentioned it before.” – Clarice, 28

3. “My ex used a password on his laptop and kept it top secret. It didn’t bother me, although we lived together, because I know privacy is important. One day he went out and left his computer open. I was looking for an online radio and accidentally opened his bookmarks. He’d saved dozens of pages and websites on how to manipulate a woman’s mind and exert mind control. I began reading and couldn’t stop, I started feeling ill. I left history open, grabbed my keys and left.” – Julia, 30

4. “Hair. She kept all these plastic bags filled with hair, all different colors and lengths, in the back of her dressing. She told me her (deceased) mother used to make wigs and she’d kept the hair as remembrance.” – Angel, 28

5. “I was dating this guy in freshman who kept all his used condoms with name tags of the girls he’d f*cked in a box under his mattress. I found it when I changed the sheets. I ran.” – Mary, 25

6. “I found this strange looking object in her lingerie drawer in the shape of a penis made of socks layered around a rigid plastic tube (maybe deodorant?) tucked inside a thin plastic bag, tied together with a scrunchie. It turned out to be a handmade sex toy”. – Alex, 26

7. “Panties with used pantyliner stuck to them. Spread allover the bathroom floor.” – Daniel, 29

8. “We were looking through this pile of old photographs of his family when I stumbled across a set of presumably pornographic pics of his parents, fully naked, having sex. I spilled my drink over myself.” – Annette, 21

9. “Smelly, rotten food leftovers, sitting nicely under his bed. I couldn’t face my fear of bacteria and drove away pretending I’m late for work.” – Sydney, 23

10. “Photos of his ex wife giving birth. That was hard to digest.” – Cleopatra, 27

11. “Horse porn videos on his iPad.” – Randy, 26

12. “He told me he was keeping a diet and health diary but I didn’t take it seriously until I ran across his year long inventory of stool samples carefully stored in his basement fridge. I was just looking for alcohol.” – Lydia, 25

13. “Suicide letters, folded inside Thomas Man’s “Magic Mountain” in her library. When I asked her about it, she told me it was a creative exercise to keep her sane through her troubled adolescence, especially after her father died.” – Tim, 28

14. “I found her surrogacy contracts for 2 pregnancies while looking for envelopes in her home office. She said she needed money for college.” – Adrian, 31

15. “His 60 year old drunk mother. She crashed in the bedroom while we were having sex. It was our first (and last) night together” – Veronica, 29 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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