Just So You Know, A Relationship Isn’t Going To Save You

Leo Hidalgo

A relationship isn’t going to save you.

A relationship isn’t going to solve all your problems, suddenly making them all go away. It isn’t going to take away all the bad and leave you with only the good.

A relationship isn’t going to make you love yourself. It’s not going to hand you the self-love you need or deserve. Another person cannot give this to you, you must find it on your own. You must learn to love yourself before another can truly love you.

A relationship isn’t going to give you complete happiness 100% of the time. It’s not going to make every day perfect. It’s not going to completely change your life. It’s not the only thing that will make you happy.

A relationship isn’t the only form of receiving love. Love is everywhere, and all the people who surround you give love on a daily basis. Love is love, and who that love is coming from should not matter.

A relationship isn’t going to heal you. It’s not going to mend your broken heart. It’s not going to cure your past and take away all its pain.

A relationship with a boyfriend or a girlfriend shouldn’t replace all your other relationships. Friends and family should always come first. It’s important to put in the effort with other people in your life. Romantic relationships come and they go, but friends and family are forever. Never push away these other connections just because a new love interest has entered your life.

A relationship isn’t going to be effortless. Relationships are hard work. They take lots of time and patients. They take a lot of work. They require sacrifice and compromise. If you’re not ready for these things, then you shouldn’t be committing to someone else. It is not fair for them, or even yourself.

So until you’re completely ready, stay single.

Enjoy being single. It will be the only time of your life when you have the ability to be selfish and only worry about yourself. Spend your youth with your friends, travel the world, and do all the things you’ve always wanted to do. You have the rest of your life to be in a relationship.

Most importantly, stop thinking a relationship will save you because it won’t. Only you can save yourself, and only you can fix what is on the inside.

Find the strength to love yourself for who you are, without the company of another. Take time to learn what you truly want out of your life.

The relationship will come, but you will never get back the time you sat around waiting for one.

You will never get back the time you spent moping about not being in a relationship. And you won’t get back the pieces of yourself you gave away to all the undeserving people.

They always say love will find you when you’re least expecting it to, so you must give love this chance to find you. Once you find yourself living a life you enjoy, and everything else will follow. The love and the relationship will come when the timing is right, but you must find peace within yourself first.

Please don’t ever lose yourself to the thought of love. Love yourself first, and I promise, the rest will all fall into place. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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