One Day You Will Find The Person You've Been Searching For

One Day You Will Find The Person You’ve Been Searching For

You’ve been hurt before.

It’s written in scars on your skin, telling the story of trial and tribulation. You’ve tried, and you’ve failed. You’ve put your soul out there, and gotten it destroyed in the wildfire of heartbreak. You’ve fallen, yet you’ve still risen.

You’ve loved, and you’ve lost.

Love wasn’t suppose to be this hard. Love wasn’t suppose to hurt this much.

You might not be able to see it now, blinded by the sadness living in your heart, but love does not always equal pain. Love doesn’t always lead to heartbreak.

One day you will find the boy who you’ve been waiting for.

He will look like summer, and taste like spring. He will take your heart and help mend it back together. This boy will be like nothing you’ve experienced before, and he will validate why things never felt right with anyone else. He will ease the pain of the ones who came prior to, while never bringing you any of his own.

One day you will find the boy who just feels right. He will walk into your life and fill a void you might not have noticed was present before. He will listen to your dreams, and carry them as his own. He will be supportive and he will believe in you.

One day you will meet a guy who looks at you like no one has before. His gaze will remind you of your beauty and strength. His touch will remind you of your courage and your softness. His kisses will take over your being, showing you the true feeling of lust.

One day you will find the boy who will understand you. He will calm your storms, but never your chaos. He will cease your madness, and provide you with unlimited happiness. He will understand your silence, and will celebrate your accomplishments.

One day you will find the boy who compliments your life. He will never try and change you, or tear you down. He will be gentle. He will be kind. He will love you for who, and what you are. He will be proud of you, and never dare to hide you from the world.

One day you will find the boy who you will fall madly in love with.

You will find this boy one day, but until then, you must live your life for yourself.

You must start living your life on your own terms. Life is too short to sit around and wait for another to make you happy. Start living your life to the fullest. Start following your goals, and chasing your dreams. Start doing things that make you happy. Start doing things for yourself and no one else.

This boy will come, but he will not come around and save you. He will stand by your side as you heal yourself. He will encourage you, and never give up on you.

He is out there waiting, just as you are. He is trying to find his path, just as you are. He is trying to figure it all out, just as we all are.

He will come when the time is right; not a moment before or after. He will come when you both are ready to find each other.

So be patient. Enjoy your life for what it is now, and have faith in your future. Forget your past heartbreaks, and start looking forward to this new love. Stop stressing out about finding the man of your dreams, and live a life you will be proud to share with him one day.

The right boy is out there, and you will find him when you’re least needing it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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