Date In Silence Until You Can Love Out Loud

Maybe it’s me or maybe we open the door and let too many people in our personal lives. In return, that causes us to center our thoughts accordingly to what others think. In a world full of social media where image is everything, we often lose grip of what’s important while trying to maintain this perfect picture.

Impressing strangers becomes a habit and because of that, we may miss out on good people. People that have good hearts and that genuinely want a forever love. We don’t get to see a deeper side of them because we don’t let them touch a deeper side of us. We push the good ones away because society told us to and we’re naive enough to listen.

It’s a trend. As soon as we meet someone, we automatically seek validation.

Meeting somebody and proceeding to date is supposed to be intimate. Not in a sexual way, but in an “I want to get to know you myself” kind of way. Keyword is MYSELF. Keep it private. Make your own decisions and form your own judgements.

Truthfully, no matter who you date, nobody is perfect. We all have a past and we’ve all made mistakes. We’ve all done things that we’ve been ashamed of and we’ve all had setbacks and heartbreaks. We all build our walls a little differently and because of that, you’ll rarely ever get approval from everybody you know — and that’s okay.

Move to the hands of your own clock.

Date in silence — so silently that nobody knows except you and your person. To the point that the two of you get to know one another well enough that you can form your own opinion and your own judgement before anyone else can. To the point that you feel confident defending your person. Date in silence, because if you give the world a chance, I promise it’s cold enough to put out any flame the two of you have burning.

A relationship should be between two people. Not your best friends, not the world, not your ex, and not Carl and Crystal from Instagram.

Give yourself enough space from the outside world that you feel assured in who you choose. Do people that are close to you matter to you? Yes. Do their opinions influence you? Yes, but you should trust your own heart enough to follow it and do what’s right for you.

When you allow others to dictate who you should love, you’re following their heart and not yours.

If you get burned, at least you’ve given yourself a chance, and that’s what love is about: Taking chances when you’ve had doubts and taking risks when you’ve had what if’s. Going against the grain. You may fly or you may fall, but you’ll never know if you don’t jump.

When we date in silence, we give ourselves a chance to love out loud. When we date out loud, we give love a chance to be silent. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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