It Was Always You

I was continuously the one who remained single when everybody around me began getting married and having kids. I would get interrogated for this on the daily. Especially from my friends that were in relationships, which most of them were. Why are you still single? Can I set you up with my friend? Why don’t you go out more? When are you going to stop being so picky? Why don’t you try online dating? I often ducked and dodged those questions, not because I didn’t want to talk about it, but honestly, if I had given an answer, not many people would understand.

I’m a firm believer in fate. That there is somebody for everybody and if we go look for our person then most of the time we will fail. Love isn’t meant to be searched for. Usually we stumble across it by accident-when we aren’t looking. That’s the best kind love. The kind that blindsides you and knocks you down. The kind you aren’t ready for and makes you a little unsteady. Most importantly, the kind you wait for.

But you see, waiting is hard and that’s why we settle for something less than what we’ve always desired. Society pressures us into moving along. We see everybody else around us in serious relationships and it places heaviness on us to find somebody. Even if that person isn’t enough for us. FOMO sets in and we start searching instead of waiting.

But trust me, wait.

Through all the lonely days.

Through all the cold nights.

Through all the moments you wish you had somebody by your side to do life with.

Wait. It’s hard, but wait.

You know exactly who you want and your heart knows exactly who that is.

I’ll be first to testify that waiting sucks. I can speak from experience, but I couldn’t be okay with going out and finding someone just to fill my empty space. I needed a soul to connect with. I needed love on a deeper level. I needed it to happen without force. Effortlessly.

I knew it was you before I knew you were you.

Before you told me your name.

Before I felt your touch.

Before I received any good morning texts from you.

Before I even knew your smile.

It was you.

Because you were love and love is never a stranger.

I waited for you.

Sometimes I save lives. Sometimes I write about life.

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