It’s Okay If You Still Love Them, Even If You’ve Moved On

I’ve always believed that the universe fights for souls to meet.

Whether or not we stay with these people, a part of us will always be tethered to them. We are inexplicably bonded to them and the attachment we have with them is simply unexplainable.

Most of us have experienced that great love. The ones, even after they’ve ended, you still think about. Memories of them come with the wind of winter or through a summer breeze on your skin – you think of their fingers, their breath, the way they loved you. You think of her perfume or his Cologne and how their hands always smelled like oranges.

The reality is, life will carry on, as it does. No matter what you do to keep yourself busy, and no matter how many people you surround yourself with, you will still think of them. You will still love them — and that’s okay. You’re one of the deep feelers. You’re one of the lovers with a big heart and an open soul — not many people are like that anymore.

You know, with every fiber of your being, that a part of you will always love them. Let me be the first to tell you that it is okay to still love them, even after you both have moved on. You loved hard and you loved good and that’s all you can ask of yourself.

Maybe it’s the universe’s way of introducing us to each of our soulmates and showing us the importance of love. What it means to love someone else and to love ourselves even after they’re gone. Maybe it’s a fulfillment thing.

For reasons we can’t explain, we meet certain people and just know in our souls that we were meant to love them, even if it’s just for a little while. Maybe this is what’s supposed to happen until those great feelings start to fade for good.

About the author

Kelly Peacock

Brooklyn-based poet, writer, avid coffee drinker, and music lover.