If You Know An INFJ, You Should Know How To Love Them

If You Know An INFJ, You Should Know How To Love Them

If you know anything about the Myers Briggs personality types, you know that INFJs are the rarest. INFJs are people whose personalities favor the personality attributes of Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging.

INFJs put a lot of energy into their relationships with others and tend to get in their bag about things most of the time. Their intuition can sometimes make them introverted and more willing to feel things rather than anything else.

If you love an INFJ or if an INFJ loves you, this is what you need to know about them. So get ready for a whole lot of love and praise.

If you know an INFJ, you know how they love genuinely and passionately.

If someone or something is important to them, they will show it. They’re passionate and there will be no doubt in your mind that they care for you and they want to be with you. They don’t play games, they don’t half-ass anything. If they care, they will show it. They’re all in with you.

If you know an INFJ, you know that they want to get to the heart of the matter. 

As the insightful, intuitive people that they are, talking about their feelings just comes naturally to them. They’re always down to have heart-to-hearts if you need them. They’re genuine people and they like to think others will be genuine towards them, too.

If you know an INFJ, you know that they can be sensitive towards most things. 

Maybe it’s the perfectionistic trait in them, but they are very sensible to critiques from others. Don’t point out their flaws or what they’re doing wrong because they’ll feel bad and burn themselves out until they become “perfect.”

If you know an INFJ, you notice how serious they are about love. 

Casual hookups aren’t really their thing — they strive for meaningful relationships that go beyond physical. They look for people who make them feel something strong and I mean they will actually go out of their way to find themselves a partner. Commitment is something they want and something they go after, if they can.

If you know an INFJ, you should know how to love them.

If you’re willing to be passionate with them, do it.

They are romantics living in reality – romantic realists, if you will. They know what they want and they go after it. If you’ll let them, they’ll be honest with you and loyal to you. 

If you want to keep an INFJ in your life, you need to accept who they are and how they act with and without you.

If you know an INFJ, you should know that they just want to love and be loved in return, so if you know how to love them, they will – without a doubt – love you back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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