9 Types Of Guys Who Will Ruin Your Life

9 Types Of Guys Who Will Ruin Your Life

Think about the guys you’ve dated or that you’ve come across on dating apps. If we’re being honest here, they’re all the same.

They know how to break some hearts and look cute while doing it. 

My friend recently tweeted about the types of guys who will ruin your life and honestly I was #shook.

1. Musicians.

Sure, they’re hot. Sure, they might know what to say to get you sucked in. Don’t be fooled! With tour comes less time for you, more distance, and some opportunities for groupies and drunken, random hookups. They know how to pull out the emotional card when they need to make themselves look better. They know what they’re doing. Musicians know how to play with your heart because they do it for a living.

2. Creative Directors.

These are the guys that finally moved out of their small town and to a small apartment in New York City. They think they have so much power as a creative director, but if we’re being honest here, they don’t actually know what they’re creatively directing.

3. Guys Who Juul.

Do I need to say more?

4. Guys Who Skate.

They kinda go hand-in-hand with musicians in that their hotness will pull you in. They’re edgy and give off this “bad boy” vibe and it makes you want to know more about them. It’s just…so…dangerous…

5. Soundcloud Rappers.

Again…do I need to say more?

6. Guys Who Get Less Than 8 Hours Of Sleep A Night.

The “sleepy” look on guys is so hot that it becomes a problem. Why are we so attracted to someone who is just tired all the time and most likely unmotivated too?

7. Guys Who Have Their Zodiac Sign In Their Tinder Bio.

To the guys who do this: thanks. It keeps me from matching with you, in case your sign is one I know I’m incompatible with. Seriously though, these types of guys do some research on their natal chart just because they know it’s a go-to conversation starter and they’re most likely smooth talkers. The reality is: they have no idea what astrology is. Don’t fall for it.

8. Male Models.

Let’s be honest and kinda harsh here: male models are super into themselves and suuuuper into their career. Yeah, they’re beautiful, but they have this power to make you blinded by love and make you forget your own beauty. They might make you feel a little bit insecure. You don’t need that kind of energy!

9. Anyone With A Penis.

Pretty much. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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