'Manifest': Questions, Theories, And The Desperation To Know WTF Is Going On

‘Manifest’: Questions, Theories, And The Desperation To Know WTF Is Going On

*main contain spoilers*

Imagine being on a plane, experiencing pretty severe turbulence but still landing safely, and then soon finding out that–oh, surprise!–your plane has been missing for almost six years and everyone you’ve ever known has moved on with their lives because they assumed you were dead the whole time.


I mean…what?!

That’s Manifest, NBC’s semi-new show that first aired at the end of September 2018. I started watching it around that time and now, in January 2019, I’m still so invested in everything about it. I just need to know what the heck is going on.

At first, Manifest reminded me of Lost. Remember that show? Remember how wild and confusing and exciting it was?!

There’s drama with an airplane, people are missing, people are dead or dying, more drama, mystery, questions that will probably never, ever get answered. Everything and anything you could think of.

So on flight 828 was Cal, a young boy fighting cancer and expecting doctors to not find a cure, his dad Ben, his aunt Michaela, and a doctor named Saanvia who just so happens to be doing cancer-curing research. Coincidence? Some people don’t think so, though they don’t have a definitive answer of what it all means.

When the plane lands, Michaela starts to hear voices and Cal starts to experience some weird, unexplainable psychic connections. Somehow, in some way, Michaela and Cal are connected. I think.

Theory: the government was involved.

While Ben is searching for answers about what happened to the plane, he’s being stalked and threatened by some guy working for the government.

Maybe aliens are involved and the government is trying to hide it? It could explain the whole timeline situation. Who knows!

Theory: there’s some weird religious thing happening. 

Throughout the first season, we learn some things about someone named “The Major” and apparently she is on the hunt for The Holy Grail, whatever that means.

Is it Cal?

There are random characters saying “He is risen” and Cal suddenly just doesn’t have cancer anymore. That’s what a miracle is, right? Is this the second coming of Christ?

Theory: the plane got sucked into a wormhole.

Hello, Bermuda Triangle.

Hello, weird wormhole in time and space.

There’s so many theories floating around about this show: the importance of certain characters and why they act the way they do, who’s behind this traumatic event, what’s going to happen next. Honestly, no one can make sense of anything.

I mean, seriously, what’s going on?! Literally no one knows. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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