What If Your Soulmate Is Platonic?

Do you ever just think about what your soulmate would be like? Is it the person of your dreams? Do you wish that it was someone from your past? Do you sometimes wonder if you even have a soulmate? Like, is there anyone out there that’s meant for you and only you? It can be hard to imagine after receiving so many heartbreaks. Have you ever stopped to think about the people that’s already in your life? Maybe you don’t have to look any further. Maybe your soulmate has been present this entire time.

Have you ever heard of a platonic soulmate? I thought it was a bit obscure at first but apparently, it’s a thing. A platonic soulmate is essentially just a best friend that was always meant to be your best friend. It’s that divine intervention from above that you always hoped would bring you the perfect mate, but instead delivered an amazing friend. It’s like the pinnacle of friendships. A well-balanced, harmonious sanction between comrades. Who would have ever known that there was a friend made specifically for you?

Although we are using the word “soulmate,” there is no romance involved. Imagine having a genuine love for someone without all the complications of jealousy and concerns of infidelity that romance can bring. It is a relationship based on happiness and care in the purest form. It’s like a having a family member without the obligations that come with family. I don’t know how many more analogies I can provide. I just know that it is a blessing to find your platonic soulmate.

Even without romance being involved, it still feels like you can’t live without your platonic soulmate. It’s a gruesome heartbreak to lose any soulmate. You feel separation anxiety when you miss them. You need them by your side when you’re having a tough time. They know how to keep you calm when you’re at your boiling point. It doesn’t feel right when you do stuff without them. You make plans for the future with them. You hope to have kids around the same time as them so that your kids can experience the same kind of friendship that you received. You want them by your side at your wedding and vice versa. You hope that you all can grow old together because the pain would be unbearable if you had to live the rest of your life without them.

It’s a phenomenal feeling to know that even if you haven’t found a love interest that was meant for you, you found a friend that is.

I am a growing soul that is ever-changing and ever-present.

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