This Is The Ideal Way For You To Travel The World, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Likes: As a cardinal fire sign, Aries craves conquest. Adventurous Aries natives need to explore and may enjoy adrenaline sports. Competitive to the core, there’s a real need to be first so it may be that you enjoy wandering off the beaten track in order to find something different or fresh. Friendly and bold, Aries natives enjoy being surrounded by others and making new friends. You’ll thrive when it comes to meeting new people, being spontaneous and pushing your own personal limits. You enjoy being active and physical; sitting still simply isn’t an option. You aren’t one to follow guidebooks or itineraries; you hope to find a country unsullied by the tourist trail. For you, the world is still new and you seek out personal challenges that help you grow in some way.

Dislikes: You aren’t one to enjoy a relaxing beach break. Routine is lethal to you. Sitting by the pool reading a book will bore you senseless. A luxurious 5 star, all inclusive might make you comfortable but it won’t feed your appetite for adventure for long.

Recommended country: New Zealand.

Activities: Scuba diving, sky diving, group tours, competitive sports and volunteering.


Likes: Taurus is all about pleasure and loves to be pampered. As a sensual, sensory sign, you have the patience to drink life in as a long cocktail. Anything that promises and promotes relaxation will be perfect for you. A 5* all inclusive with a beach, pool and spa is ideal for you, as is a hidden retreat where you can be alone and indulge. You don’t necessarily need to be surrounded by people; in fact solitude might be a prerequisite. When in a new country, you’re all about the food and drink, although you might default to your creature comforts. You aren’t always one to stray out of your comfort zone – you know what you like and want lots of it! You need a steady holiday routine so that you can refresh your equilibrium. Being surrounded by natural beauty is vital.

Dislikes: You hate to be rushed and pestered and you need to be left alone to explore at your own pace. You’d hate an adventurous, impulsive trip where you need to pack at a moment’s notice or disappear into the jungle for nights on end.

Recommended country: Italy.

Activities: Spa breaks, wine tasting, food markets, taking in the view, people watching, indulging in local delicacies.


Likes: Gemini is a social air sign that craves variety and change. You’re likely to get bored very quickly with a holiday that ticks along nicely – you need a trip that ebbs and flows. You enjoy road trips and holidays that promise exploration and a sense of voyaging. You’ll probably like to keep moving, jumping from city to city and not staying in one spot. Gemini’s thrive on conversation so a trip with friends or the opportunity to meet many people is of paramount importance. You need to learn so history, culture and wildlife will feed your intellectualism. A place that transforms your perspective and feeds your curiosity will energise you.

Dislikes: You hate holidays where you spend too much time alone or holidays that move at a slow snail pace. Although tours and treks enable you to socialise, you hate having to move to the beat of someone else’s drum. A holiday that is too stagnant or still will frustrate you.

Recommended country: All-American road trip.

Activities: Horse-riding, camp fire storytelling, African safari, road trips, educational tours and making new friends.


Likes: Cancer simply loves to be near water. There is something about the water that refreshes and energises you. You are literally ‘in your element.’ Cancer perceives holidays as time to spend with family and close friends so that they can make memories together. Cancer is not typically a sign that likes to explore alone. Sentimental and spiritual, you like beautiful places that feel like a home away from home or that can teach you something meaningful. You enjoy indulging in tasty foods, spending time by the beach and reading. For you, holidays are usually a way to recharge your batteries. You’ll need to travel with some home comforts to help you settle.

Likes: You love to wake up to a delicious meal, languish by the sea whittling away time with a good book, enjoying a glass of red wine, surrounded by loved ones.

Dislikes: You hate noise, crowds and being antagonised. Sensitive and sweet, you are not a party animal and baying crowds of revellers will get your back up.

Recommended country: Greece.

Activities: Yachting, boating, swimming, reading, learning about the history of a country, shopping and spending time at the beach.


Likes: Leo is fundamentally a lazy sign that likes fun at its fingertips. Convenience suits you down to the ground. You enjoy being worshipped and made to feel special. You’d love to stay somewhere with room service, fancy waiters and instant stimulation. You also have a big urge for companionship and you need the warmth and play that socialising provides. Whether you’re a big party animal, a foodie or an animal enthusiast, you’re liable to have a lot of passion for that which you love. A natural leader, you may like to delve into new territory with an eager crowd behind you. Far from a cultural dinosaur, anything that feels a little bit special like the opera or a theatre show will intrigue you. Ideally, food, friends and luxury should be plentiful.

Dislikes: You hate holidays where you have to be alone or slum it in ugly or uninspiring hostels. Your biggest fears are feeling bored and being ignored so somewhere with little to do or see will not appeal.

Recommended country: Dubai

Activities: Sight-seeing, boat tours, fine dining, pampering massages, room service, being waited on, theatre, performance and learning a new skill.


Likes: Virgo is a fairly regimented sign that likes to approach travel with a long list. It’s likely that you’ve planned out where you’re going, what you’re doing and all the fine details long before you leave. You enjoy preparation and planning; they give you confidence and put you on the right path. You get tremendous satisfaction from ticking something from your to-do list. The idea of an Adventure List is right up your alley. Virgo’s take hygiene, cleanliness and efficiency into consideration. You’ll be the one that everyone comes to for medicine, sunscreen and other necessities. You prefer scheduling your time rather than opting for spontaneity. Virgo’s are active relaxers; your brain needs to think, learn or analyse. You may even like to complete projects whilst on the go!

Dislikes: A holiday where you simply sunbathe and sip cocktails feels unfulfilling. Anything loud, messy or unplanned brings you out in hives.

Recommended country: Scandinavia.

Activities: Spa breaks and treatments, historical tours, walking tours, pre-designed tours, making your own beauty products and learning the local language.


Likes: Cultured, refined and artistic, you adore art, architecture, history, culture and beauty. You could walk around art galleries and museums for hours. Impressed by the past, you enjoy shopping for gorgeous clothes, mementos and ingredients. You love bringing back presents and souvenirs for loved ones, especially if they are things that you can’t get at home. Somewhat of a people pleaser, if you travel with a group you may struggle to do your own thing, preferring not to rock the boat. You may go along with what the rest of the gang is doing. An amiable air sign, you enjoy being with people when you travel and may struggle with homesickness and loneliness more than other signs. It is highly likely that you will have a holiday romance. It’s easy for you to be swept up in the grandeur of your surroundings. You do prefer a degree of luxury and elitism, so you may find yourself drawn to beautiful hotels rather than hostels.

Dislikes: You hate being caught up in conflict or in hostile, stressful surroundings. Areas with lax law or poor human and animal rights will affect you negatively. You need to be somewhere where life feels fair.

Recommended country: South of France.

Activities: Art galleries, opera, theatre, shopping for fashionable attire, group tours and activities, all forms of entertainment, nightlife, Jacuzzis and massage.


Likes: Passion, privacy and independence are highly important to Scorpio natives. You, more than any other sign, like to travel alone. Travel is an opportunity for you to know yourself and others better and you enjoy being able to do your own thing. You do like to prepare and plan to a point, but you also enjoy seeing what comes your way and you have the courage to get caught up in a grand adventure. You love a good mystery and may like to go to places that are not typically visited. There’s a bit of a daredevil in you that may be drawn to rural villages and exotic surroundings. You don’t tend to be great at keeping in touch with those back home. Your all-or-nothing extremism gives you travel tunnel vision. You’ll be the one eating scorpions, trekking in Peru or visiting the locals. You want to see life through the eyes of others.

Dislikes: You want to transform when you travel so anything predictable or pre-planned is uninspiring to you. You are happy to take your time unravelling a country so a rushed trip leaves you unsatisfied.

Recommended country: China.

Activities: Running marathons, extreme sports, photography, solo travel, scuba diving, volunteering and unravelling secrets.


Likes: You are a born traveller. It’s in your blood. Represented by the centaur, you need to explore the world. Spiritual and a true humanitarian, you are quite happy travelling alone or with friends but you easily pick up friends on the road. You may be drawn to travel to find meaning in your own life or to discover more about who you are and what you’re made of. You value the rights of humans of all types, so you may get caught up in causes, charities or volunteer with children or animals. You’re the type of traveller who will leave for 6 months and come back 10 years later. It is very easy for travel to become a way of life for you. Easy and jovial, you can travel anytime, anywhere and in any circumstances. All you need is a backpack.

Dislikes: A standard holiday is just not your style. You need to be exposed to something new. Restrictions and packaged holidays don’t do it for you.

Recommended country: Thailand.

Activities: Backpacking, skydiving, horse riding, camping, paragliding, running and diving.


Likes: Capricorns views travel as a project and they pool all of their resources and knowledge into making the trip perfect. You might plan a big trip for a year or more before you do it, making sure that you have the money and that the moment is right. Generally, you like to have a schedule so you know which notes to hit en route. Capricorns tend to split into two categories. The first treats their vacations as they treat life and work; they like to explore and milk every moment of the trip. You will mercilessly plan each and every element, factoring in beautiful restaurants, bars and places of interest. The second group uses holidays as an opportunity to completely recharge their depleted batteries. This group prefers a true escape where they can do very little. Capricorns like to work for their rewards so travel may be an opportunity to treat yourself with excess. You may gorge in a way that you wouldn’t at home.

Dislikes: Normally, Capricorns don’t like a manic holiday nor do they like to be surrounded by drunks or inconvenience. Holidays where everything goes wrong will spoil their opportunity to relax.

Recommended country: Switzerland.

Activities: Staying in a chalet, architecture, history, true relaxation, shopping, eating, reading the papers and seeing the mountains.


Likes: Eccentric, unconventional and rebellious, Aquarius is quite happy to travel alone and they don’t really mind if they do or don’t pick up buddies along the way. Your stubborn streak means you’ll do what you want to do when you want to do it. You are unfussy when it comes to where you sleep or how you travel. You are just as content sleeping out under the stars as you are staying in a gorgeous hotel. You may have an eye for anything different and you might favour staying in a hotel that you’ve seen from a film or that looks quirky by design. Airbnb and couch surfing are your best friends. You’ll be the first to try anything new on the travel scene. Unlike other signs, you probably don’t go back to places you’ve already been to. After all, the world is a big place and you have lots of exploring to do.

Dislikes: Going back to the same place year after year is not for you, nor is anything typical or routine.

Recommended country: Madagascar.

Activities: Swimming, solo travel, charity work, scientific trips, exotic jungles, wildlife and anything eccentric or quirky.


Likes: Mystical and gentle, travel can be overwhelming for you. Your go with the flow attitude can sweep you into all kinds of experiences. This can be fun if it leads you in the right directions but it can be dangerous. Establishing proper boundaries is vital. Your open heart adores sitting and soaking up the feel of a place and you tend to travel using instinct and intuition. You may have a romanticised idea of the travel experience and of the countries you visit. When you travel, it’s not so much about what you do, as it is about what you feel. Art, culture, history and natural beauty all mean a lot to you. You’re happy to people watch, learn the language and escape into the fantasy of the country you inhabit. You enjoy travelling with others but you need lots of time to rest, relax and re-charge. Travel is almost always a temporary measure for you as you are a homebody at heart. The exception is if your journeys lead you into a land of the lotus eater’s scenario, where home falls far away from your mind. You may use travel as an escape.

Dislikes: You don’t like packing your day with activities. You need a safe space to retire to at the end of the day. For this reason, camping and backpacking aren’t always ideal.

Recommended country: Mauritius.

Activities: Spiritual matters, culture, history, art, poetry, people watching, wine, natural beauty, reading and yoga. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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