What Your Myers-Briggs Type Does On A Blind Date

ENFP: Shows up late. They have a good time no matter who their date turns out to be.

INTP: They were convinced this was terrible idea, but were talked into it. Their date goes really well, but they lose their date’s number and never hear from them again.

ESTJ: Looked their date up on Facebook and after realizing that they have completely different political beliefs they cancel. Resolves to not let their friends try to set them up again.

ISTJ: They knew this was an awful idea going in. They are further convinced when their date is late. (Their date is probably the ENFP.)

INFP: Was starry eyed going in. When they realize that it’s their best friend’s weird cousin, they manage to somehow convince everyone (including themselves) that it was not a date at all.

ENTP: Shows up secretly excited. Then they accidentally made their date cry when their debate about veganism got too heated.

ISFP: Suggested a bistro downtown where you have to sit on the ground. Is probably the vegan the ENTP upset.

ENFJ: Seems like they had a great time. They tell their friends it was the worst date of their life. Their date regards them as “the one that got away.”

ESFJ: May have reverse searched their date to find out more before going out with them. Definitely accidentally brings up their date’s second cousin’s new baby during dinner.

ISTP: The first half goes well. They lose their date in the second half when they start discussing their latest conspiracy theory.

ISFJ: Realizes that they’re not interested and texts their friend to bail them out. Their friend thinks the date is pretty cute and two years later the ISFJ their maid of honor/best man.

INTJ: Arrives with a (probably mental) checklist. If their date strikes out too many items on the list the INTJ has a flawless escape plan.

INFJ: Probably leaves the date early after imparting some cryptic piece of wisdom their date won’t understand until 10 years later in a dream.

ESFP: Marries their blind date that night. Doesn’t realize until a week and a half later that they’ve married an A-list celebrity.

ESTP: Began plotting their escape immediately. If they have the capabilities to disappear in a cloud of smoke (which let’s be real, they absolutely do) they will.

ENTJ: Realizes almost immediately that they’re not compatible with their date. However, they stick it out after their date mentioned their goals in life. Their date leaves with a Roth IRA, a master’s degree application and a home loan.

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