How It Feels to Love Each Myers-Briggs Type


Really supportive, always ready to remind you of all the reasons why they love you. Bad at remembering to pay the electricity bill but great at remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and the first time they knew you were the one.


It probably took forever for them to realize you liked them, but now you are the person they share the facts they are excited about with. They’ll never post long love letters on Facebook, but the way they look at you lets everyone know how they feel about you without saying a word.


They probably reflexively smooth your hair and straighten your collar before you guys go out. You are the yin to their yang, the person who shows them how to chill out while they keep you together and they love you for it.


They probably insisted on meeting your parents before getting serious “because it’s the right thing to do”. Some people doubt their romantic abilities because they don’t know how the ISTJ gets up early to pack your work lunch every morning or about the sweet notes they always include.


Gives you the best advice on everything but especially on people. Probably plays it cool to their friends but you know they’re really the sappiest romantic around. This is mainly because you know how many times they’ve happy-cried at the end of a romantic movie. (The answer is all of them.)


They probably acted like they didn’t care if they were single forever, but they actually really did. You know they only debate you on everything because they love you but you have given up on deciding on where to eat in under an hour.


Lights up your world with their sweet, upbeat ways, but you probably thought they were shy when you met them. Super empathetic, probably has adopted multiple animals and fosters even more.


The ultimate companion, they’ve got it all, they’re social, clever and compassionate. While they may not approve of everything you do (and they’ll tell you) they’re generally your biggest cheerleader.


When you found them you found a whole circle of new friends too. Loves pet names. They probably thought your parents hated them for like three years before you (and your parents) finally convinced them otherwise.


They’re the only person you know who both never leaves the house without a star compass but also always forgets their phone. Probably told you they loved you for the first time six years after meeting you.


Most people describe them as closed-off but you know how goofy they really are around people they love. They probably can’t remember how the ice tray in the refrigerator works, but they will always remember not to buy you anything yellow as you once said you didn’t like it in passing.


You guys probably had a great meet-cute. The ISFJ is most likely to have kept up a real letter correspondence with you when they went overseas with the Peace Corps for three months.


Tells people that they calibrated a perfect concept of who they wanted to be with and then went out and found you. You know they bumped into you in a bar and had already made out with you before they ever knew your MBTI type.


It probably took a long time to really get to truly know them and not just the fun persona they typically show people. They love surprises and nice things which makes them both easy to shop for as well as a great gift-giver.


Most likely to have been wooed by your honest poetry. You wildly appreciate the big gestures they make (I.e. Hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner for your whole family) because they will make it perfect even though it tires them out for at least a week after.


It was a whirlwind romance. They may not be able to change a tire or bake a cake, but they are far and away the best at knowing how to bring the party and make you feel like the most important person in the room.

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