Photo Of Woman Massaging Her Face

A Day In The Life Of Briana Banos, An Eczema Advocate

When struggling with a chronic skin condition like eczema, joining a community of people with similar struggles can be really fulfilling. Finding groups for specific conditions like eczema, allows one to hear about others’ skincare routines, talk about diet or habits that assist with the condition, and form friendships with those that understand their daily battles. All of these benefits help those struggling with chronic health conditions to feel less alone and more empowered in their day-to-day wellness journey.

Take it from Briana Banos, a woman who actively struggles with eczema and has decided to share her experiences weekly through her Youtube series “Tea With Bri“. Briana has also created a documentary titled Preventable: Protecting Our Largest Organ which takes the audience through the ins and outs of Topical Steroid Withdrawl (TSW). In the video below she shares what a regular day in her life looks like while living with eczema.

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