Please Remember Your Worth Even If They Don't

Here’s To The Friends Who Stayed

Friends come and go, but only the truest stay with you and love you for who you are.

I have always admired long lasting friendships I’ve watched in movies. Not everybody is blessed to have real friends who will stick by their side no matter what. I have loved and I have lost people along the years. But here’s to the friends who stuck by our side.

To the friends who had been with me since day 1, you know my struggles and pain, thank you for sticking with me and not leaving me behind.

To the friends who cared for what I feel, I have never been more grateful for you. You have taught me that it is okay to not be okay and that there are good people in this world that will gladly listen and comfort you.

To the friends who remembered my birthday without Facebook reminding, you’re one of the most genuine people in my life.

To the friends I drank and had a wondeful night with, no next day hangovers is gonna stop me from spending endless long talks and laughter with you.

To the friends who don’t tolerate my bad behavior and helped me to become a better person, I wouldn’t be who I am if it wasn’t for your help.

To the friends I lost, thank you for the lessons. Thank you for being one of my heartaches, thanks to you, I am stronger and I have realized true friendship.

To the friends who stayed, you’re one of the few treasures in my life and I want you to know that I got your back always like you always have my back. You are all gems. Thank you for staying with me and for spending time with me. For all the deep talks and goofy times, I will always keep you in my heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark