My Love, I Know You Are The Right One For Me

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I’m thankful that you happened to me. You’re that person who made me feel the love that I never knew existed. You’re that person who made me the kind of happy I never knew to be real.

Sometimes, it requires you to be hurt by your past before you can actually have the right person with you; the person who will accept your every piece even when it was broken and ignored before. Sometimes, after all the pain and damage your past had given you, someone will come into your life and hug all your shattered fragments and make you feel whole again.

It takes being with the wrong one to finally be with the right one. You happened. You are mine and you are the right one. I couldn’t be more grateful for the moments I have with you.

You made me believe that someone can love a person without conditions. You made me believe that someone can love a person too much and not regret a single thing about it. You made me believe that no amount of bad days can ever lessen the love you have for a person.

Sometimes, it is still so surreal that you are mine. You are the love that made me feel grateful and free.

You are the love that I always wanted.

And though not everyday is perfect, everyday is worth it with you. There was never a question of whether you love me or not because the answer is right in front of me. No need for further questions because the answer is sure.

I like this life with you. I am keeping it with me always and forever. I am keeping you in my heart and I love you too much.

My love, I know you are the right one for me. No doubt.

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