Let’s Talk About Everything At 3 AM

talk about everything at 3 AM
Meireles Neto

Let’s talk about how we first fell in love with each other. How we met in college, and how we became friends which eventually became more. How you made me forget that I was hurt and sad. You were the love that made me forget that I was broken once.

Let’s talk about how our broken friendship with our old friends made us who we are today. How we learned that sometimes letting go of the people who were once important to you will be the best decision in our lives. How when we finally let them go, we finally saw clearer things ahead of us. Let’s talk about how they’ve taught us about acceptance and that not everyone was meant to be in our life.

Let’s talk about how hard it is to be an adult in this world. How paying the bills is as frustrating as to thinking on what to cook for dinner.

Let’s talk about how some random stranger did a good deed on the busy streets of the city. How he openly offered his food to a homeless person and made him smile.

Let’s talk about breakfast dates and nap time. How we look forward to eating pancakes in the morning and lying down on our bed with our pajamas only to find out that we have drifted to sleep.

Let’s talk about how the sun makes its way out for the moon to shine at night. How lovely and passionate the sun is that he decided to leave at day to give way to the moon.

Let’s talk about stuff; little things, big things, theories, facts, dogs, the sea, the waters and everything in this world. Because there is no one in this world that I want to talk shitty and mindblowing things in this world but you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Ecclesiastes 3:1 ♡

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