The 10 Struggles Of Only Attracting The People You Aren’t Attracted To

1. You end up just thinking nobody is attracted to you, because the people you aren’t attracted to never seem to count in your mind.

You equate not being able to find somebody who is mutually interested in you as “literally there is not one person on this planet that wants me, I am going to be alone forever.”

2. “Look, if I wanted to be in a relationship, I could be, I could date this person or this person or this person, but I don’t want to…”

… is something you’ve said, on numerous occasions, to various people, justifying the fact that you aren’t completely sexually reprehensible.

3. You have contemplated what exactly it is about you that keeps drawing in the complete weirdos.

And that maybe it’s an issue of your standards just being too high.

4. You’ve had to wonder what makes somebody worthy of dating another person, when people say: “you can do better,” what are they really getting at?

There is a difference between being physically and emotionally or otherwise attracted to someone, but so long as you won’t get to know somebody because they immediately seem unattractive, you risk maybe never finding love… all because other people would theoretically judge you for it.

5. But eventually you come to the conclusion that when you really love someone, you don’t only find them as attractive as other people do.

Especially because you don’t take “finding people who are interested in you attractive” for granted.

6. In school, you weren’t quite “cool” but you weren’t exactly a complete outcast either. You were an in-between floater.

The people who only attract the people they aren’t attracted to always are.

7. You always end up in a complicated situation where a friend fell for you (or vice-versa) and the feelings are completely not returned.

Rejecting people isn’t as easy when a friendship (or many friendships) are hanging on the line.

8. You wonder how people who actually date other attractive people get to that point.

You wonder what it takes to actually get the attention of someone you like — what dark magic these people are employing to seduce the lookers of society.

9. … Or how you go about pursuing the people you’re actually interested in.

The other, seldom-mentioned part of this is that not only do you attract people you aren’t attracted to, but you also can’t seem to attract the people you are.

10. You gave up on dating sites a long, long time ago.

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