18 Reasons Everybody Should Embrace Their Inner Basic Bitch

This isn’t satire. Hang with me for a second.

1. Basic bitches know what’s up with life. They enjoy the little things. They aren’t afraid to be inspired by something small, wear what’s comfortable, consume what they like. Everybody needs to be more attuned to enjoying the little things, because “one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.” #truth #blessed.

2. The main trait of a basic bitch is that — in some way or another — she is enjoying something simple. So if you think about it, we judge people and essentially call them dumb and unoriginal just for having a good time doing the things that we all, on some level, enjoy. 

3. Loving Target with the very flame of your soul and calling it Targé is a fiscally responsible and heartwarming way to buy another lacy sundress you don’t need, and that’s a life everyone deserves to live now and again (or every weekend — you do you hons).

4. And nothing really ups the ante of that trip like knowing you can stroll around the store with a macchiato/mocha/chai/pumpkin spice from the Sbucks right when you walk in. This isn’t about being simple. This is about acknowledging the fact that nowhere in this universe is that combination not a good time.

5. Popular music is catchy as hell. That’s why it’s… popular? If you want to thrash your head around your apartment to Avril Lavigne’s “What The Hell” then don’t deprive yourself of that little joy. There are few sober highs as great as hearing your favorite song come on and having a rush of energy to scream and jump around to it.

6. There’s nothing wrong with cosmetics, or taking pride in your appearance, or dare I say, having fun with it. It’s only a problem if you take it too seriously and base your worth in it solely, which is funny, seeing as the people who judge others for watching YouTube tutorials and getting manicures and buying clothes at Victoria’s Secret tend to take doing so pretty seriously themselves.

7. Having a sleepover with a bunch of girlfriends in which you have fun like you did when you were a kid doing the same thing isn’t stupid and pointless, if you’re not having fun with your life, what are you even doing?

8. Even though Facebook doesn’t need to see another picture of you and your sister for “National Sibling Day” you like it, and funnily enough, social media is more about you than anybody else anyway.

9. Some people feel insecure to the point that they need to command their complex in a more egoic way (judge someone for being simple and therefore make their unique and different lifestyle choices somehow better) and it’s for this reason that many people deny their inner-basic-bitch-lifestyle. (Why would you listen to these sad people anyway though?)

10. Starbucks is delicious. Yoga pants are comfortable. Common and well-liked things are that way for a reason. At some level, they make us happy. There’s nothing wrong with things that are common. There’s nothing wrong with average.

11. You really are #blessed. Don’t let anyone make fun of you for appreciating what you have.

12. Cliché quotes are that way because they are undeniably true at some level (even if Marilyn didn’t say them, whatever) and we repeat them because they’re great reminders that should be heeded.

13. Wine is classy and delicious and is the perfect mix of “acceptably borderline-alcoholic” and after a few sips, yeah, you wanna tell everybody on the internet about it. Let yourself have that moment.

14. Sometimes you do have to take a few photos until you get the right one. There’s nothing instantly confidence-boosting as a perfectly lit photo that looks amazing under a filter or two. God invented Instagram for a reason.

15. Everybody fangirls over something. It’s only a matter of who is more… ehem… open about it.

16. Tumblr transports you back to high school and fills every craving your teenage self ever had with photos of beds set up in tree houses and paragraphs about not committing suicide. Shit gets real on there, and if that’s where you found your solace, Amen.

17. Wishing on 11:11 may actually work. Who are you to deny that possibility? Those who don’t believe in the magic will never find it, haven’t you heard?

18. If you have the kind of life where you can light candles and take baths and make Pinterest crafts, you’re luckier than a huge percentage of the world. Let’s stop judging each other for these things and actually enjoy them in light of the fact that yeah, compared to a lot of other people’s hardships, they are petty and small, which is exactly why we should live it up if and whenever we can. TC Mark

Part time writer. Full time bad ass bitch. Brunch-having New Yorker.