16 Weird Things That Start Happening When You Realize You’re Going To Be Friends Forever

1. You look back on the circumstances of your meeting and come to the conclusion that it was simply, without a doubt, meant to be. It was either too weird of a situation or you start to think you only ended up at that party or in that residence hall or at that job at least to have them in your life.

2. They become the greatest facilitators of your over-thinking habit, and somehow, you absolutely love them for the fact that they will sit and listen to whatever the newest drama is with the person you never got over or the coworker you can’t stand or the parent who’s driving you insane. Every. Blessed. Day.

3. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve actually been in your life, it feels like it’s been forever.

4. Everything is just funny when you’re together. Everything. Half the time you don’t even know what you’re laughing about — hypothetical situations you make up, things that would just be so them if they were to happen, etc.

5. They text you right as you’re picking up the phone to answer the call. You don’t just finish each other’s sentences, you start saying them at the same time. You somehow just completely sync.

6. You pop each other’s pimples, especially in places they can’t reach, and other such completely disgusting and unseemly activities (that you secretly enjoy… maybe a little too much.)

7. You binge eat with complete abandon, not only display all kinds of bodily functions in front of one another but talk about them as well. Nothing’s off limits. Nothing’s too gross for them to handle.

8. You share everything, except for the 3-5 select things that you know you can’t touch. They usually don’t have to tell you what those things are either.

9. Unlike when other people are around, with them it doesn’t feel like you’re entertaining or keeping up with a person, you both just kind of happily exist together.

10. You actually cancel plans with other people just to hang out with each other. You only ever wanted to be with them anyway.

11. You communicate by way of whines and facial expressions. (And occasionally emojis, let’s admit it).

12. You’ve stopped keeping tabs on who owes who what financially. It all evens itself out eventually, you assume, and even if it doesn’t, you don’t care about spending money on each other. They’re more important than a few extra bucks in your bank account will ever be.

13. You talk about the same things every single day, and somehow, it always seems like fresh, new, exciting conversation.

14. You start referring to yourselves as a collective “we.”

15. You consider them your life partner more than you do your romantic partner.

16. You love them more than you do most of your actual family, and you start considering them family members. Not as a cutesy sentiment, but in all seriousness, just calling them “friends” doesn’t do it justice, so you consider actually telling people that you’re related. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Khanh Hmoong

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