15 Things That Happen When You Date A Beautiful Person

1. You’re never not in complete awe of them. They’re as beautiful when they’re put together and out for dinner as they are when they wake up in the morning, and you’re not quite sure how one’s genes could align that magically, but it’s a phenomenon to you, to say the least.

2. Their beauty isn’t the only reason you love them (and that should go without saying.) It may have been the reason you were first attracted to them, but it’s certainly not the reason you’ve stayed with them this long.

3. They aren’t beautiful because they fit into a convention of the word, they’re beautiful for their curves and uniqueness, for their unkempt hair and tattooed arms, for their eyes whatever color they may be, their smiles even when they’re crooked — it’s never about looking “perfect,” it’s about knowing they’re beautiful because they’re somehow just perfectly themselves.

4. Call it a side-effect of love, but you genuinely start to believe they’re the most beautiful person you’ve ever known. Not just for what they look like (though that’s an element of it as well) but for everything they are and aren’t, what they say and do, how they hold you at the end of the day and how they make every moment with them feel just a little bit lighter than the one before.

5. You’ve gotten used to other people inevitably eyeing them up. You’ve learned to overcome that initial pang of jealousy we all feel now and again.

6. You understand the concept of “having a type,” but you cannot, for the life of you, understand how anybody could look at them and not think that they are beautiful.

7. Taking photos with them is an exercise in equal parts complete humility and absolute amazement. You’d be lying a little if you said you hadn’t thought about how gorgeous your engagement/wedding photos would be. Okay, you’d be lying a lot.

8. Even though you know they think you’re beautiful too, and that your appearance really doesn’t matter, all of a sudden you want to work on yourself for them. You feel like you owe it to them to be the best version of yourself, whatever that may be. It lights a little fire under your otherwise sedentary ass.

9. Even the most ordinary things they do somehow become attractive to you.

10. Once in a while you become slightly surprised and incredibly appreciative that someone so physically perfect would want to be with you. It’s not that you think lowly of yourself, just that they’re superhumanly lovely and you’re just, you. 

11. You can’t help but routinely make mention of how pretty you find them. In birthday cards and while you kiss their face, you’re always reminding them of just how wonderful you think they are.

12. Whether or not you’re going to have kids together may be up in the air, but either way, you hope and pray they’ll turn out looking just like them (god bless those babies.)

13. You find their celebrity doppelganger and torture your friends by saying “he looks exactly like a younger, darker haired Channing Tatum, I swear to you, I SWEAR.” Because, frankly, he kind of… does.

14. You never quite get used to everybody commenting on how pretty they are, but you’ve learned to respond with a little smile and resounding “yeah, I know.”

15. You always want to remind them of how beautiful they are, just in case they ever forget. Nobody else has to think so — not even themselves sometimes — because you think so and always will.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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