18 Weird Things You Only Do With Your Work BFF

1. You keep g-chat perpetually on “off the record.”

2. You always have lunch plans. Or you have someone who understands that it’s not pay week and so you don’t have lunch plans.

3. You ask them the dumb and embarrassing questions you’re afraid to ask your boss for fear of ultimate judgment.

4. Grabbing coffee becomes code for “going to sit and chat about everyone and everything for the next 20 mins bye.”

5. They have the unprecedented ability to make you lose your breath laughing so hard, and thank God, because you’re not quite sure what you’d do if they weren’t there.

6. You always have something to say about that one person in the office who bugs you both.

7.  You end up getting so incredibly close to them, seeing as you spend day-in-and-day-out together, that you inevitably know every single thing about their lives. Usually more than you need and want to know.

8. They become your go-to person to take a shift when you are really in a bind.

9. They inevitably end up hearing about all your problems, the new person your ex is dating, and a smorgasbord of other embarrassing things you just need someone to vent to to get through the day.

10. You know you’re adults and gossiping stopped being cool in 7th grade but… how can you not comment on what the weird intern did today?

11. You have a partner in crime against your one-upping coworker who is determined to annihilate your careers one overachievement at a time.

12. They understand that headphones in means do not disturb, and that without such a cue, you’d probably never stop talking throughout the day.

13. You sometimes do get carried away in your conversations and realize you’ve gone a solid part of the day just talking about your lives and not doing work but I mean, oops?

14. They make going back to work bearable after a weekend or holiday.

15. You miss them horribly when they’re gone (a week vacation is a week too long to be apart).

16. They always seem to have what you need, be it a feminine product, medicine, a no-judgment zone when you need to cry about your ex during the work day… again.

17. They make happy hour the best thing to look forward to.

18. Even if one or both of you leaves, you make time to catch up over drinks and laugh about the “good old times” that were, in reality, not that great, but made awesome by that person and that person alone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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