The 27 Most Adorable Things People In Relationships Do For Each Other

1. Stay up all hours of the night to talk to each other if one of you is going through something, or if you’re apart and have to make it work long distance for a while.

2. Bring a little something for their roommate as a token of thanks for letting them stay over.

3. Take impromptu dinners and road trips where they call the other person and say “be ready at 7” or “pack your bags.”

4. Pull them closer in their sleep.

5. Wipe the crumbs off of their face when they’re drunk.

6. Make an honest and thorough effort to if not become at least a bit interested understand something that the other person is passionate about.

7. Write them notes and leave them letters.

8. Pick things up while shopping… little things they’d love.

9. Kiss them on the forehead in the morning.

10. Occasionally (or more frequently even) make sex romantic and about just being with one another intimately and not just a race to orgasm.

11. Make handmade things that are sentimental between the two of them.

12. Give massages not as a prelude to sex but just because their backs hurt at the end of a long day.

13. Make forts out of sheets and watch movies and cuddle under them together.

14. Cook their favorite dinner.

15. Fix ties, glasses, pick that stray piece of hair off the other one’s sweater.

16. Accidentally pass out on one another 10 minutes into a movie.

17. Wake each other up with kisses.

18. Hold their face before you lean into kiss them.

19. Send each other quotes and clips from movies that remind them of each other.

20. Take care of them when they’re sick and not worry about getting sick themselves.

21. Drop everything when they say that they really need something.

22. Make it a point to tell them frequently how much they care about each other and why they do.

23. Check up on them at work and see how they’re doing, but give them enough space that they can live their own lives without feeling obligated to someone else.

24. Wear each other’s clothes.

25. Run and give each other really huge hugs where someone is inevitably lifted off the ground when they see each other for the first time in a while.

26. Speak kindly of the people that they know matter to them.

27. Make sure they always feel like they’re loved and that there’s someone who will always be there for them at the end of the day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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