16 Things White Girls Hate More Than Being Told They Are Stereotypically White

Yesterday, a fellow writer wrote a fantastic article about white girls, to which I feel compelled to respond to the comments and responses it got. Behold, white women of the world, the things you evidently hate more than being told you are stereotypically white. 

1. Racism. Particularly against white people.

2. Sexism. Particularly against women. (This one actually isn’t a joke and rightfully so).

3. Stereotype humor.

4. Being compared to other white women.

5. Being told what kinds of “pants” they can and cannot wear.

6. The notion that Nutella isn’t universally enjoyable for everyone.

7. Generalizations.

8. People who hate on fall just because white girls made it popular.

9. The fact that Pinterest wasn’t on the original list.

10. Wardrobe shaming.

11. Being told that an affinity for cat things is a race stereotype (obviously universal).

12. People who take things too personally.

13. Anybody who thinks yoga is a joke.

14. Making everything a feminist issue.

15. People who don’t understand what racism means.

16. People who think life is easier because they’re white. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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