The 15 Most Attractive Things Boys Do

1. When they say something unexpectedly sweet that’s not cliche or a ploy to get you in bed. Something that is so honest it makes them a little nervous to say and that’s what makes it mean so much.

2. When they pull you over to lay on them, and your head fits in that little alcove between their chest and shoulder and they have that boy smell of cologne or whatever other majestic things they use– after shave? I don’t even know what that is but I usually don’t question.

3. Acts of classic chivalry, like not just asking if you’re cold and need a coat, but just taking it off and putting it around you. It makes it seem like they really want to give it to you, not just look courteous by asking.

4. Defying gender norms. Also male feminists are pretty up there on the attractiveness level, am I right ladies?

5. When they cry over something that means a hell of a lot to them. “Man tears” are probably the easiest way to get a girl *or boy* to melt over you.

6. When they admit to their shortcomings, and are otherwise completely honest and genuine people.

7. When they play with kids or animals, hold babies, talk about their future kids or admit that they sometimes think of potential names for their spawn– these men exist I have encountered this rare species and I am here to tell you it is not folklore.

8. When they actually enjoy something you know they didn’t used to but do now because it makes you happy. I once had a boyfriend who actually didn’t mind going shopping with me (to an extent, hah) because it was something I enjoyed. I swear I like doing more than just shopping, I feel the need to clarify that.

9. When they calmly handle a situation and tell you not to worry– especially when it’s something you’re genuinely worried about, and especially if him saying so actually makes you feel better about it.

10. When they get frustrated over little things like not being able to fix some household thing that broke or their sports team losing.

11. When you’re upset and they say “shh, shh” or other comforting things while they pull you in their arms… does anyone else know what I’m talking about? Because oh my god.

12. When they aren’t threatened by other men/women, your propensity to want to “wear the pants” or the idea of commitment.

13. When they’re confident of themselves, but not cocky. When they tell you with certainty they know how to make you lose your mind in bed but in a way that’s more yeah, and I’ll try my damn hardest until you do than it is them trying to prove something to themselves.

14. When they appreciate the human form in every shape size color and way it comes. There is nothing worse than a man who declares otherwise.

15. When they hold a woman in high regard, and talk about her for reasons that have nothing to do with her physicality or appearance. Especially when the woman in question is Hillary. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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