31 People On The Celebrities They Grew Up With And What They Were Like Back Then

I’m probably more entertained by this than I should be. 31 different people on the celebrities they grew up with. Read the rest here. 

1. Liam Hemsworth

I went to primary (elementary) school with Liam Hemsworth. He was a really quiet kid. Very much in his brothers shadow back then because Chris was already on TV. –Destie1

2. Blake Anderson

I got to know Blake Anderson from Workaholics while we were in college. He is a genuinely funny, class act and worked hard for his success. He deserves all the love. –pherlerp

3. George Clooney

Grew up down the street from George Clooney. He has not changed, and is still a stand-up guy that likes practical jokes. –jestill

4. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga (then Stefani Germanotta) starred in my high school’s production of Guys and Dolls. We were an all-male school, so we recruited from neighboring all female-schools for our shows. She was a very friendly and affable person, even if she could be a bit conceited at times. Also, the entire pit band wanted to bang her (again, it was an all-male catholic school). –registhro

5. Katy Perry

I went to high school with Katy Perry–whom nobody really liked because she was super Christian and kind of mousey. –karmafox

6. Miranda Kerr

My cousin is Miranda Kerr.. so basically, everyone has self esteem issues in my family –rudebitchnigga

7. Megan Fox

I went to school with Megan Fox for a couple of years. I was a grade below her. It was in a small christian school so the class sizes were only about 26 people maximum. She was a pretty typical high school girl. Drank and partied with the equivalent sports guys and what not. It was hilarious reading the article about her experience in school. How she was ‘always alone’ and ‘none of the girls liked her because she hung out with the guys most of the time’. She was probably one of the more popular girls at the school, seeing as there were only maybe 80 of us total through grades 8-12. I don’t remember her ever being terribly kind or a hero of the downtrodden like that article made out, either. –neuchacho

8. Dan Brown

My middle school Spanish teacher was a young struggling musician named Dan Brown. Now the author. My entire grade was 13-18 kids over 8 years, so we bonded with him pretty well. Joked with him after school, etc. He wrote Digital Fortress when I was in high school and sent me a copy. Say what you want about his books, but for a while there he was the teacher that cared about you during the shittiest years of growing up. –shleenee

9. The Mannings

Grew up across the street from the Mannings (Archie, Peyton & Eli).  Archie used to toss the football down the street with us. All around a pretty cool bunch of guys – although Peyton could be kind of a dick some times. Not that that’s a reflection on him now – we were all little kids. EDIT for clarification: Archie’s parents and my grandparents lived across the street from each other (Seventh St., Garden District, New Orleans) and regularly got together for dinner, cocktails, etc… So since we were all the same age, I was pretty much playing in a sandbox with Peyton and Eli since they were born. My parents actually decorated the house (“It’s A Boy!” signs, etc…) for when Peyton was brought home from the hospital after delivery. My mother still calls him “Baby Peyton”. However, by the time I was about 13 or 14, Peyton and Eli (and Copper) weren’t really coming around much so I haven’t seen any of them in about 20 years… But I do still run in to Archie occasionally. We were never great friends. We just got together when we were all staying at our respective grandparents which, for most of that time, was a few times a week. –BobKelsoMD

10. Macklemore

Went to high school with Macklemore, he was kind of a jerk early on, got into a altercation with him sophomore year. Sat next to him at graduation, he had chilled out a lot and seemed like he turned into a decent dude. –Durakan

11. Hayden Christensen

My high school drama TA was Hayden Christensen. Came off as stuck up but was pretty nice and willing to help and give pointers on acting. Just seemed quiet the rest of the time. –scubed

12. Bruce Willis

My FIL played baseball with Bruce Willis when they were kids, he had a stammer and people used to tease him about it sometimes but otherwise he was just a normal kid. He got into acting to help with his stammer, and the rest is history. On the other side of the family, my wife’s Great Uncle was Danny Rapp from Danny and the Juniors. His sisters are still alive and tell stories of him bringing famous musicians of the day over to their house to meet his Mother. Must have been pretty awesome. –zerbey

13. Usher

Usher – showed up at my middle school in 7th grade. Sat next to me in a few classes and we chatted quite a bit. It was a big deal at our school when he sang the national anthem at a braves game. I went to his 13th and 14th birthday parties, and they were really cool, a lot of people in the Atlanta hip hop and music scene. He was always a really nice guy. I’ve told this before but I ran into him about 6 years later when he was really famous and he remembered my name, was super cordial and took pictures with me, my girlfriend and my family. His little brother was having a birthday party at my family’s business and they had rented the whole place out. Somehow a bee flew inside and stung his brother who was allergic and they had to leave. His mom WENT OFF on me saying it was our fault. Usher walked by during her tirade and shrugged his shoulders, ha THANKS FOR NOTHING USHER. –DonEliado

14. Justin Bieber

Went to school with Justin Bieber. He was a douche then just as he is now. Played hockey against him a few times where he would throw tantrums. –zumeh

15. “Bad Luck Brian”

Went to high school with “Bad Luck Brian.” Far from being an unlucky social outcast, he was one of the most popular kids in the school, and one of the meanest people I’ve ever met. He got punched in the face the first week of freshman year, if I remember correctly. He actually got married last weekend to his high school girlfriend. –amorybane1

16. Ryan Gosling

My sister-in-law used to do competitive dance with Ryan Gosling when they were really young. Apparently he was really sweet and talented even as a kid. –dragontamer888

17. Raven Symone

I went to middle school with Raven Symone, though she was 2 grades ahead of me. This was when she was already pretty ‘famous’ in the children’s television circles. I just remember seeing her with a whole clique of other popular girls following her like dogs. I never talked to her but my sister (who was in her grade) had classes with her and said she was a bitch, but I can’t personally confirm that. –vilent_sibrae

18. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift grew up in my neighborhood in Wyomissing, PA. My mom claims she has a video of her singing at my grandma’s gardening club meeting, though I’ve never seen it. I remember her being pretty quiet. Then she and her family moved south when she was a teenager and I hadn’t heard anything until she started producing popular music. -Ace_trainer

19. Sienna Miller

I knew Sienna Miller when she was about 11. Used to like changing the gears in her mum’s car. –madcaphal

20. Lindsay Lohan

I went to high school with Lindsay Lohan (and still live around the block from her family) She is the same entitled spoiled bitch she always was. –the_party_pohss

21. Amanda Bynes

Grew up with the Bynes family. The dad, Richard, was my dentist when I was a kid and always had the best jokes. The mom, Lynn, is the sweetest person you will ever know. Amanda was always funny, but hit her stride in slapstick after going through some classes at the Laugh Factory. Jillian is like her mom, again one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. I never really saw Tommy that much, but again, he was a really nice guy and pretty successful in his own right. Overall its a shame what road Amanda has gone down, especially with how awesome her entire family is. –nvsnone

22. Hilary Duff

I remember a friend of mine on my soccer team was talking about this weirdo Hilary Duff. He went to school with her and she was nowhere near being in the popular group. From the way he talked I think she was bullied a lot. Then about a year or so later I was absolutely obsessed with Lizzie McGuire so she obviously showed them. –hopkindsa3

23. Natalie Portman

I went to school with Natalie Portman she was already in movies in middle school and star wars came out while we were in high school. She was really smart and was a decent person. Funny story, used her yearbook photo to talk a bouncer into letting my friends and I into a strip club when I was underage –mikeyb7509

24. John Krasinski

I went to college with John Krasinski and knew him a little. We had served as orientation leaders together. The first time I saw him on The Office, I thought “I love that actor!” and then realized that I actually liked him from actually interacting with him. Jim is very much like John in real life – funny, easy-going, grounded. In one early episode when they end up outside due to a fire alarm he instigates a game of “Desert Island” – He actually did that in real life at orientation. –dicksuperdick

24. Kris Humphries

Went to High School with Kris Humphries. He was a big deal because of how amazing he was (for HS) in basketball but he was pretty nerdy. He was confident and wealthy but he wasn’t a big partier, hardly dated– mostly a good kid who hung out with buddies and went to church on Sunday’s. I have no idea how he got wrapped up in all the Kardashian stuff– naive is my guess. –yousaywhat

25. Blake Lively

Blake Lively, from 6th -12th grade. we sang together in choir. She was always a very sweet, humble and polite girl. We all loved her, when she started working on her movie she had to opt for home schooling to be able to finish the work, but to support her everyone in choir went to see her movie. -That’s how much we all liked her. I’m really happy to see how her life turned out. :) –lolitaexpress

26. John Mayer

John Mayer– He was a bit older than me, but went to my high school. Apparently he was a giant dick and didn’t have many friends. My parents got milk from him when he worked at this gas station down the street from my house, they said he always looked very depressed, but was always playing his guitar behind the cash register. –newblink

27. Mitch Hedberg

My mom grew up with Mitch Hedberg. He was in my cousins wedding, and in a bunch of photos from her scrapbooks. My parents attended his funeral. She has lots of funny stories, but to her he was just a neighborhood kid who she hung out with every day.

28. Kevin Bacon

Guy I work with was in a class of 11 with Kevin Bacon. He has the same haircut. I’ll see if I can’t find the pic. He looks super depressed in it, hahaha.

Edit: found it http://imgur.com/sPODUiW

Kevin Bacon is on the front row, most right. My friend said he didn’t pay much attention to him because he was always scowling.

29. Dee Snider

I grew up with Dee Snider‘s son (Lead singer of Twisted Sister). Dee was always super nice and I still see his son from time to time. He always went to our basketball games in middle school. That whole family is extremely talented and hilarious.

30. Wiz Khalifa & Mac Miller

I went to high school with Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller. I didn’t know Mac too well, I knew his older brother. Wiz sold me pot a couple times.

31. Cody Collins

Cody Collins, is/was the lead singer of Lonestar. He was a total dick. He tried to break my nose once in elementary school (it might be worth mentioning that I’m a girl, and younger than him), and he was just a bully in general. In latch key he would demolish people’s art projects that they were trying to take home, then cry about how the person was lying. One time he was running around like a jackass and slammed his head into the fire alarm, gashing his skull open pretty good, and it made me a little happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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