12 Things Some Girls Still Don’t Understand

1. More makeup does not mean more beautiful. More makeup means you look like you put more makeup on. It’s not to say that I think girls should only wear a certain amount of makeup, it’s just to say that there are some girls who will not leave the house without a full face of foundation, concealer, contouring and a smokey eye and I think it kind of wanes on their quality of life. I know, I used to be one of these girls.

2. You should never be at the whim of your partner’s will because you are a woman, and if you are, it’s your duty to stand up for yourself and other women until we live in a culture where that isn’t an issue.

3. Nobody is impressed by how little you ate today. They want to give you a sandwich and explain to you the world of beauty standards because they feel bad for you.

4. You never have to be ashamed of what you look like. People will always have their opinions, so it’s up to you whether or not you want to listen to them, and act on them. Most often, the only person who is telling you that you look awful is yourself. People who love you won’t care about that kind of stuff.

5. Nobody is looking to date a girl who doesn’t respect herself.

6. If you want to impress someone, talk about something of substance. People will be taken by you for displaying who you are by your words and actions more than how you present yourself aesthetically.

7. The absolute most attractive thing a girl can do and be is confident.

8. Your sexuality is yours, and yours alone, and you are in charge of it, and if that is violated, you are not at fault. At the same time, you are entitled to express yourself healthfully in that way, and you don’t have to make excuses for it, nor do you have to hide or be embarrassed of it.

9.  There are few things more unattractive and unappealing than a girl who talks badly about another woman and uses her appearance as ammo. Calling another girl fat usually doesn’t make the person you’re talking to think they are fat more than it makes them think you are insecure about your own body, etc.

10. The more photos you take of yourself and post on social media, especially ones that involve a full-body shot and a sexually indicative pose, does not equate to how much more people will think you are attractive. However, you have the right to do this if so you choose.

11. You don’t have to pose for a photo with every single person in the room at a social gathering to prove you had a great time or have friends. Just think about how that looks when you post an album to Facebook where you are in every single picture.

12. You aren’t anything lesser because you don’t want to be a picture of femininity, but that’s also not something you have to prove to anyone. TC Mark

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